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Madrid bans euthanasia of homeless dogs and becomes a no-kill city

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | March 24, 2015 | Comments (2)

On March 12, 2015 the Madrid Assembly passed a historic bill banning the "slaughter of stray animals." The new law will make pet abandonment and the euthanasia of homeless dogs illegal in Madrid, Spain's capital and largest city. The political groups of all parties came together in a unanimous decision.

El Refugio, a Spanish animal rescue and advocacy group, said the new law came in response to public demand.

"Today is one of the happiest days of our lives,” said El Refugio’s President Nacho Paunero. "[Our organization] has been fighting for 19 years to make Madrid and the surrounding areas no-kill. We said we would never stop fighting until accomplishing our goal and we have finally done it!"

They thanked all the locals, members and volunteers who signed their petitions and helped support their efforts. With the slogan "La Muerte, Ha Muerto"  ("Death is dead!") animal advocates celebrated a long-sought after victory in the streets of Madrid.

Note: the video below is in Spanish language


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Comments on this Article

What wonderful news. I hope city after city around the world follows Madrid's lead. As people see it can be done, more areas will be willing to do the same. Thank you to all who worked so hard for 19 years to make no-kill Madrid a reality.
See what love can do. Steadfast dedication and love through mature peaceful political activism with the undeniable truth on the lips of the majority, we can stop the suffering and death of innocence if we try. Sometimes when we look at the problem of pet overpopulation it can be so overwhelming. Where does one start when confronted by such an enormous problem. Perhaps it starts with the coming together of the hearts and minds of the many who felt the unconditional love of a dog and whispered back the words I love you. Maybe it's small victories like this and others that we have seen in recent years that are the start of a more caring and empathetic world for animals. Certainly we can all agree that a world with less needless suffering and death would be a better place for all. It makes me wonder if it's one of the natural steps that an intelligent species must take when they decide that they must become better custodians of all living things in their world. Perhaps it's an indicator that a civilization has come out of its infancy and is taking its first steps to becoming a type 1 civilization.... I wish I could have been there to celebrate your victory with you. My hats off to you and I applaud your efforts. La Muerte, Ha Muerto. Cheers !
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