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Animal lovers outraged after man shoots dog and poses on Facebook with the dog's body (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | March 19, 2014 | Comments (20)

Warning: Extremely graphic images and descriptions are included in this article may disturb some readers.

A disturbing, outrageous act has hurt a family and caused outrage among dog lovers.

Kenneth Woodburn allegedly shot his neighbor's dog, Tank, and posed with the dog's body on Facebook. The Facebook post caught the attention of animal lovers and it went viral. The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department in Maryland was contacted and is investigating the incident.

Single mom Richele Ince and her four-year-old daughter are grieving the loss of their one-year-old dog, Tank. 

The Baynet reported that Richele said she received a call at work from a relative saying that Tank had been let outside and did not return. Concerned he had left the property, she purchased a runner for Tank and when she got home she learned from her day-care provider that Tank had been shot. 

Kenneth Woodburn's Facebook photo with a dog's body

Tank, a Pit Bull/Lab Mix, was a birthday gift for Richele's daughter. Richele told Baynet that the puppy was very playful and did not have a mean bone in his body. Tank had become a mascot at the day-care center next door to Woodburn's home and was well-loved by the children there.

Richele believed Tank was walking to the day-care center when he crossed into Woodburn's yard. However, she said that she was told by a resident that Woodburn had actually lured Tank ont the property with treats before shooting him.

However, there are no witnesses to Tank's shooting.

Woodburn posted the picture of himself with Hank's body posing with him like he was a hunt trophy. He posted that if the Pit Bull came into his yard "Hey going to dye today". He later alleged that Tank "charged him".

However, Richele said that Tank was shot in the back, which indicates Tank was going away from Woodburn when he was shot. Woodburn also had an older dog and there appears to not have been any altercation with his dog, reported the Baynet.

screenshot of Facebook with Tank and Kenny Woodburn
Screenshot from Facebook

Other photos taken of Tank after the shooting appear to show that Tank was facing away from the home (and towards the daycare) when he was shot. 

Tank shot facing away from home

In the photo above, Tank is facing towards the daycare, which is just past the hedges, according to a local resident who commented on the photo on Facebook. The photo below shows Tank facing away from a home, which may be Woodburn's. These photos were allegedly taken by Woodburn and posted to Facebook before he deactivated his Facebook account, according to the Americans Against The Tea Party website.

Tank shot facing away from home

Tank was buried by his family at the day care where he was loved so much. According to the Baynet, the children at the day care were so distraught over Tank's death that one of the children lay on Tank's grave in the rain.

Both the Sheriff's Office and Animal Control are conducting an investigation and said they will have the results soon. Animal cruelty is a felony charge in Maryland. Woodburn has several past run-ins with the law including drug violations, DUI and weapons violations.

A petition has been created by a relative of Richele's asking that Woodburn be charged for killing Tank.

The latest update from Southern Maryland Lost and Found Pets says that Woodburn will be charged with animal cruelty.

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Comments on this Article

Y'all know last month the *****?**** was found not guilty? American tax dollars at work....
is this freak still allowed to live?
Why is it that these ignorant dumb asses post the most incriminating things to their Facebook?!? Hey, I look cool; uh, no you don't! He would do the world a favor by learning to spell English properly!
You do the crime, you do the time.
Read yesterday a police officer shot and killed a pitbull, and bragged, " did you see the way his collar flew in the air", told the ac officer, to say the dog charged him, and he had failed the mental part of police exam, this world is crawling with unstable barbaric savages, they are under every rock, dark corner, and worse, wearing badges.,,, its a scary world out there, I do know, if ever you have to defend your self, protect your family and four legged family members, very important, to use the training that protects cops, and myself in my line of work, "I feared for my life", its your preception of danger, this scum bag will use this, if he gets an attorney, the police use it, to justify their actions, so if this pos steps on tanks owners property, and she takes steps to protect herself, her family and property, "fearing for her life, her families well being", will help her, in court....got pulled over this week, coming from the vets office, with my yippy dog, small town cops are the worst, I respect state cops much more, but you bet, I was like , yes sir , no sir, and took that damn ticket, cause I have been told in the past, to step out of the car, for questioning them, so knowing cops shooting dogs, is on the rise, I didnt take a chance with my dog in the car...
All I can say is Kill my children and I'll Kill yours. :)
Part 2...If he was already armed, why didn't he fire a warning shot to scare the dog off? If he was armed outside with his dog, why was he armed? If Tank was shot in the back that doesn't fit with the alibi that the dog charged the accused and he fired in self defense. I find it very hard to believe that the accused didn't know who owned Tank if Tank had been living with his family in such close proximity for a year. There were many opportunities that could have been taken here that wouldn't have ended in death. Instead we have a young family dog dead, a group of young children in tears, and a little girl and her family emotionally traumatized. Like it was said on the Facebook page, I quote, ".... hey going to dye today" unquote. That sounds like Tanks fate was sealed no matter what he did. Rest in peace Tank.
Normal rational adults will discuss things with their neighbors to find peaceful solutions to their problems. If that doesn't work people have options at their disposal if they think that a neighbors dog may pose a danger or a nuisance to their property, and it doesn't involve killing. If an individual posted on Facebook multiple times that he would kill a dog if it stepped onto his property before the dog was shot, is that not premeditation? Does that not sound like an individual that was waiting for an opportunity to kill a dog? If indeed the accused in this case was rushed by Tank like he says, then where are the injuries from a dog attack? I've been attacked by dogs before and it happens very quickly, you or your dog will get bit. If no one was injured by the dog then that means he had ample time to get in the house and call the authorities or animal control. If he went back in the house after the fact for a firearm, then that's not self defense. Part 1
The sonofabitch needs a public flogging, that's what he needs. People like this do not deserve to breathe the same air that us animal lovers do. If I can find his FB page, he'll get a public shaming alright. I won't hesitate to broadcast what the slimeball did to this beautiful dog, and how he destroyed a little girl's dreams and life by killing her best bud. Goddamn this pisses me off to no end. Too many times, scumbags like this get clean away with doing shit like this, and the victims and their friends are left to mourn the death of a wonderful dog. Take the chains off of us, let us hamstring this sonofabitch, and hit him where it counts!!!
it's true, gingers really DO have NO SOUL, kenneth woodburn proves it. ew, creepy redneck gingers.
that's BS that we can't post links to his personal info, place of work or otherwise. he is a useless pos and deserves everything we can throw at him. if HE put the info UP ON THE INTERNET then what is the issue with US highlighting it? anyways, anyone with half a brain and an internet connection, look up his info on your own and make your own judgement calls on what to do with it. I have already sent his employers a note and a link to this page. i will sign the petition too but that won't hit him where it hurts. dude needs a public shaming.
Please do not post links to any personal Facebook accounts or other personal information for this man. Links will be deleted. Thank you for understanding. Note, that there is a petition to sign if you want to show your support of Tank’s family here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/535/724/490/justice-for-tank/
his f/b account is active, Im worried about Tanks owners, narcissistic pos people, like him, will not take responsibilities for their actions, they blame everyone else, she needs to get a gun, and if this pos steps into her, shot to kill, because "she feared for her life", compare Tank to this piece of crap, Tank had the bigger heart, and better personality, this guy, doesn't come close, he is so worthless! with his past, his wanna be a thug, f/b photo, he is nothing but a freaking CONVICT, with a convict mentality, and then let him have guns, this idiot is the REASON, why guns should be better controlled...what a waste of oxygen, get this guy off the streets!
I forgot to mention, the idiot is a real dumb ass, he doesn't know how to spell common words. As long as I can type, I will always send this piece of shit messages. He needs to be hunted down and thrown in jail with big bubba. Woodburn, there are not enough words to describe my rage at you right now, and how I feel you should be persecuted day and night for this atrocious act. You will have to show your disgusting fat face sooner or later you pig. You sickening, disgusting fat stomach churning piece of shit. Goddamn you.
The gutless piece of shit closed his Facebook account, just like the coward he is. He knew his ass was gonna get slammed fr killing this dog, and he's too chickenshit to face up to what he did. He ran like a little bitch and is hiding his face from the world, but mark my words, he WILL resurface. And when he does, God help his sorry ass. He is a piece of human shit, and is a waste of flesh. Punks like him infuriate me. This was a total waste of a good dog, he was a child's dog, and this punk has killed any hope that child had of her dog ever coming home. Such a shame, and a cowardly, chickenshit act. Woodburn, you are a punk. You are a liar, and you know you lured Tank onto your yard, then shot him in the back like the coward you are. I've got a fist that will fit right into that eye socket of yours. You lying piece of shit. If I were you punk, I would NOT go anywhere by myself, you have pissed way too many people off, and judgement day is coming soon for you, scumbag.
This lowlife piece of shit is going to get a visit real soon. He's going to get his ass beat severely. There was no excuse for this dog to be shot, and all evidence points to the piece of shit shooting him in the back like a coward. Woodburn is a gutless piece of garbage, and deserves to be beat to within an inch of his life. I would pay for his gas if he would but come to my home, and try to shoot my dogs. This coward is the exact type of individual I live to beat the shit out of. To kill a child's dog for no reason at all is the most inexcusable act ever, and if the cops do not lock this sonofabitch up, he WILL get some old fashioned ass beating administered to him.
hope the law reems his a$$
i just looked and it appears he still has a facebook account.....hmmmm. he should be charged for wreckless discharge of a firearm, being an asshole and a redneck who doesn't know crap about English or humanity.
Not sure how a human can even do that the owner not only should be arrested for shooting a poor creature but also arrested for using a dangerous weapon near a child daycare facility. My question is he has pass run in with law why does he have gun?
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