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Thirty puppy mill dogs walk on the ground for the first time (VIDEO)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | February 20, 2014 | Comments (4)


These rescued dogs had never walked on the ground in their entire lives until this weekend. National Mill Dog Rescue saved the 30 puppy mill dogs and brought them to Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA.

The rescuers took a video of the dogs’ very first moments walking on the ground. Their tails are wagging like crazy and they sure look happy experiencing their freedom for the first time ever in their lives!

The 30 dogs were part of a rescue operation that picked up 75 surrendered breeding dogs from multiple puppy mills in Kansas and Missouri.

Theresa Strader, founder of the rescue, had this to say about this rescue operation, “With the support of our community, other rescue groups and our volunteers, we were able to save many lives and give these dogs a chance for a life outside of the cage."  

The dogs will soon be made available for adoption and can be seen here.

Gable, puppy mill survivor
Gable was one of the rescues and has been adopted.

Bode, puppy mill survivor
Bode was one of the rescues and is available for adoption.

Kendall, puppy mill survivor
Kendall is one of the puppy mill rescues and is available for adoption. 


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Comments on this Article

Wonderful news! God Bless all involved in this rescue.
After all this species of animal does for humanity we still see these kinds of individuals who would relegate their lives to one of solitary confinement and servitude. Permanently confining such a social animal in a cage is psychological torture. It was so great to see them in their moment of freedom running around together. Thank you so much for rescuing these dogs and giving them a chance to have a good life. I hope everyone of them finds a loving home. Well done.
Yeah....freedom.......thanks guys :)
Puppy Mills, why are they allowed to breed animals this way. They should have to pass an inspection in order to be breeders. When I found out the AMISH people believe that this method was O K I immediately stopped buying anything that was created or made by them. I can not support anyone who supports this type of life. The conditions and treatment of these dogs and the way they are keep is unbelievable. This is far more than cruelty.
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