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Man who duct-taped his dog sentenced to jail

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | December 26, 2013 | Comments (18)

Lexi/Jaynah is now safe with a rescue

A man who duct-taped his Pit Bull/Labrador mix around her mouth and legs was sentenced to jail time on December 20th. Russell Seese, 27, was sentenced to up to 12 months in the Pike County Correctional Facility and was also ordered to pay a fine of $500.

A Pennsylvania Humane Society police officer freed the dog named Lexi after being called to Seese's home by a state police trooper. Lexi was found in a chicken coop on Seese's Greene Township property on March 1st of this year.  According to Facebook reports, as soon as she was freed from her binds, Lexi smothered the officers with kisses and her tag wagged eagerly.

Lexi was injured according to a criminal complaint and was taken into protective custody by Dog Warden Jim Rickert and Pennsylvania Humane Society Officer Marlene Metzger in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

State police, the state dog warden and the Pennsylvania Humane Society investigated the case and a week later Reese was charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

As for Lexi, she is now named Jaynah is safe with Divine Destiny Rescue Inc. in Pittsburgh PA. Kimberley Rice from the rescue provided a new photo of Jaynah and said she is under the care of their trainer behaviorist Nick Ferraro and doing very well.

Lexi/Jaynah is now safe with a rescue
Lexi now named Jaynah is safe and doing well in the care of Divine Destiny Rescue.


Update: December 31, 2013

Russell Seese was convicted of animal cruelty in December 2013Russell Seese has been fired from his job following his conviction of animal cruelty last week. He had worked as a Pike County employee as a resource conservationist at the Pike County Conservation District since 2011. After his sentencing, officials in Pike County were "bombarded" with complaints about his continued employment. The Pocono Record reported that Pike County Commissioners sent a letter to Seese indicating that due to the conviction, his employment was terminated effective Monday. 



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Comments on this Article

I hate people like this !! I hope him and every other animal abuser gets screwd HARD every day in prison and they have to wear diapers for the rest of their life. miserable SCUM dont deserve to live
i wondered what happened to her she was so beautiful and sweet. she looks great, does my heart good. what the hell is wrong with these people? i just dont get it.
My hat's off to Pike County. FINALLY a county that did the right thing! Granted, punishment is not nearly long enough but it's a start. I hope Bubba finds this clown while he's locked up & lets him have it!
Hopefully, he's also never allowed to own an animal for the rest of his life. Even when she was bound, you can still see her tail wagging. I hope she finds a wonderful home :)
I'll just never understand what prompts people to abuse these innocent little creatures. They must be so empty and lost. Thank God Lexi was found. I always think of the little guys that are out there right now that have not been found. Every night I pray and ask God to protect all the abused and trapped animals out there, and give them peace. I look forward to the day when evil is vanquished. Each one of us is responsible for shining our light in this dark world until the darkness vanishes, and there is only light. May we all let our light shine bright, in 2014, for all the animals.
Vile words are too good for the person who did this. He did not tape that dog up to come back and get him later, he taped him up so he never had to hear him again.
Not nearly enough jail time but I'm glad at least that the disgusting excuse for a human being was convicted.
Thanks for the good news that Jaynah is doing well. Kimberley, Nick, thanks for taking her under your wing and giving a second chance. Very well done.
thank god this little angel girl is safe.
Kimberley Rice of Divine Destiny Rescue Inc. in Pittsburg, PA shared good news about Lexi. Lexi is now named Jaynah and is safe with Divine Destiny Rescue Inc. in Pittsburgh PA. She is under the care of their trainer behaviorist Nick Ferraro and is doing very well.
That wasn't enough of fines and time to be served. Poor doggie, so glad he had his angel to rescue him. God bless all involved in saving this doggie and justice.
I agree with you Dan Hetland, there should be an animal abuse registry. When one looks at that picture of Lexi bound up with duct tape, a dog lover instinctively knows that the individual that did this should never be allowed to have an animal in their custody again. I wonder what was the extent of Lexi's injuries? Did Lexi endure injuries other than the obvious? How long did Lexi have to endure being tied up like a prisoner? I'm sure as the judge presiding over this case knows there is always a long list of excuses made by the individuals that perpetrate these types of abuse, but there is no excuse. This is why they don't sell duct tape at the pet store beside the muzzles and leashes. I know I've said this many times before and I will keep saying it for as long as it takes. How many lives have dogs saved over the course of our history. How many police officers, soldiers, children. We owe them the protection of our laws to protect those that can't defend themselves against individuals that for whatever excuse choose to make them suffer. It's a slap in the face to anyone who owes their life to a dog, or has their quality of life restored by a service dog when we hear that this type of abuse gets a slap on the wrist.
I sent this article along with Dan Hetlands comments to our Senators here in Illinois (Kirk and Durbin), I suggest others do the same, I couldn't agree with you more Dan!
Total bullshit! Only 1 yr and 500 bucks?!!? What a joke! People try this with a human and see What he gets, why not when it's an animal too!!! Law makes Me sick
Total bullshit! Only 1 yr and 500 bucks?!!? What a joke! People try this with a human and see What he gets, why not when it's an animal too!!! Law makes Me sick
Russell Seese, 27, may well spend a little time in prison for his indiscretions and perhaps actually pay out $500.00 in fines, but he should be paying a great deal heavier price for price for his cruelty. We see this type of behavior all of the time, fortunately this time Seese isn't walking away with just probation a sworn promise to be a good boy. I have been harping about this for several years, but what we need in this country is a National Animal Abuse Registry, where anyone and everyone who commits abuse against an animal is required by law to be entered, and from that day forward, would be like the Sex Offender and Predator Database, once they are on it, they cannot be removed. If their name and credentials are on the list, they would be precluded from owning any type of animal or having any animals on their property. They couldn't adopt, buy, rescue, and register animals of any sort from anywhere. If they are found with an animal, they are automatically deemed guilty of violating the law and they can be arrested and held without bond. It is way past time to get serious with animal abuse and abusers.
I hope he shares a cell with an animal lover.
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