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Heartbroken family's plea for justice for their dog goes viral

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | October 31, 2013 | Comments (23)


"I was killed by hunters…" begins a family's plea for justice for their beloved dog, Zoey. The Meyer family said they found Zoey, their 1.5 year old Labrador Retriever, shot by an arrow near their home in Rome, Wisconsin on Monday. Devastated by her death, they posted a photo of Zoey with her story on Facebook and within a few days the post went viral receiving close to 155,000 shares.

Chris Meyer's post reads:

"Town of Rome, Wisconsin - This is Zoey's story. I was killed by hunters the weekend of 10/25/13. I went missing on 10/25/13 at about 9:00 A.M. When my family was looking for me they asked some hunters (Neighbors) if they had seen me. They stated they did on 10/25/13 at about 9:30 A.M. They stated they threw sticks at me because I was disrupting their hunting but have not seen me since. On 10/26/13 my family asked the hunters (Neighbors) a second time if they seen me. They said no. My family searched for me every day for hours and hours, shouting, calling, walking miles but could not find me. On 10/28/13 my family found me 30 feet from the hunters (Neighbors) tree stand with an arrow hole through my back and neck. I was left to suffer and die. My body was in clear view of the hunters tree stand and path. It is undeniable to say I could not have been seen. My family loved me and is devastated by my murder. Please help me and my family bring justice to the hunters (Neighbors) who wrongfully murdered me. Share my story to everybody and let the world know I did not deserve to die."

Talking with the LA Times, Tanya said she had let Zoey and their other dog, Maggie, out on Friday morning. Maggie came back moments later, but Zoey did not. When Zoey did not respond to Tanya's calls she grew worried as the forest surrounding their home is often used by hunters. The family began to search for Zoey and asked neighbors if they had seen her, but they did not find the young dog. Then on Monday, Chris found Zoey lying on her side with an arrow wound to her neck. A hunter's tree stand was close by.

A police investigation is currently underway and although the Facebook post indicates Zoey was on a neighbor's property, police are not releasing details as to where Zoey was found. With the details surrounding Zoey's death still being investigated, the family and police are not identifying the neighbors or the location of the hunter's tree stand until the police investigation is completed.

Since their post went viral, the family has received an outpouring of support from dog lovers around the world. The family has been comforted by the well wishes and sympathy they have received. But Tanya said she will miss not having Zoey grow up with her baby daughter. The two shared a special bond and she was looking forward to the pair growing up together.  The family has also been offered a new dog, but Tanya said it is too soon to replace the dog they adopted from Adams County Humane Society last year.



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Comments on this Article

I am sorry for your loss. Now I am a volunteer for a local rescue group and a hunter and a life long animal lover. I only harvest what I will eat. My neighbors let the dogs run loose 24/7 I see them on my field camera all the time. If they come around while I'm out it's just a bad day hunting. We are not all like that horrible killer that took your Zoey away from your family.
Matt Alhazred, until you know ALL hunters, how can you say MOST hunters? Please do not stir up hatred. THESE hunters were wrong. THESE hunters did evil.
There is NO WAY those murderers didn't recognize that dog. There is NO WAY it was an accident. They were NEIGHBORS. They knew who that dog belonged to. They are scum. She deserves justice.
Most hunters today are twisted 'human beings' that need to kill to feel better about their own physical inadequacies. There are a rare few, that actually respect the animal if they do hunt, they kill cleanly, thank the animal for it's life, and use every bit of it's body. You usually see this practiced by Native Americans, maybe a few other subgroups today in the western world. I wish we could put all people who hunter for pleasure through the experience in that movie Powder, where he makes the hunter experience what it's like to be a murdered animal, dying in terror. This family is much better people than I. I would have put an arrow through their backs and left them dying in the woods. No one would harm a hair on my dogs head and escape unscathed.
You say it was hunters that did this horrible murder. Than that says it all. In my opinion all hunters are just twisted individuals with little feelings for other living creatures. What a cruel thing to do to a pup or any dog. If these were my neighbours they would pay for this. RIP to Zoey and I guess the lesson to be learned is don't let pets out unattended as the world has come to this.
What Scum Of The Earth Does This To A Defenceless Animal??!!!, Shame On You I Say!!, Let Me Tell You About Karma??!!, It Will Get You Make No Mistake About It!, Personally If That Was My Neighbour That Killed My Dog I Would Of Beaten Them To A pulp FACT!!!
so sad to hear that people can be cruel and mean to hurt animals and no it is not the owners fault because they let their dogs out to play zoey was in the wrong place at the wrong time the neighbors should have told the truth
Yes in one way its a tiny bit of owners fault but...........if the dogs have been let just roam up until that terrible day & nobody had ever had any problems & approached the family with any concerns they had of the dogs just running free why take such awful measures that day in such a disgusting cowardly sick manner.In my opinion they were most likely bored sitting up in the tree stand & bcuz they hadnt fulfilled their sick need by killing a deer they decided 2 murder that beautiful poor baby........shame on whoever did this & may u rot in hell & just remember KARMA will most certainly bite u in the rear someday u poor excuse 4 a supposed human being!!!!
So very sad. It's bad enough to lose a beloved pet thru natural circumstances but to have it shot with an arrow, to die a slow, painful death is beyond despicable. Only the scum of the earth would do such a thing. I pray they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even if the dog was on their property, that does not excuse the fact that he was murdered maliciously.
According to his own thinking, Rod Shuping deserves an arrow whenever he bothers anybody, neighbours or not. He just bothered me, be thankful I'm on the other side of the planet.
The owners are at fault here! They knew their dog was bothering the neighbors and should have NOT just turned their dog loose to run on other people property! If they had gone with their dog or kept it on a leash this would not have happened!!! I do not condone killing any pet and I own four GSP's but we have to be responsible for our pets. If my dogs chase cattle or sheep I would expect the owners of these animals to take any steps necessary to protect their property therefore it is up to me to prevent that from happening!
justice will be served no matter what...and put this monster who did this to poor dog behind bars for the rest of his miserable life....
What would you expect from people who kill animals for sport. Sick sport.
Dang, excuse the errors in my writing... Good night.
..Zoey, may the rainbow bridge bring you running, allowing you.to explore the gardens if love and peace... As your family mourns and fight for your dignity, may you wag your tail ans feel the peace of knowing that you have left an imprint on everyones life... I know your family will grieve and do their best to give you justice...I can feel the energy of love abd the beauty you left behind.. Youre purity opens the gates of peace.. I pray your family finds solace knowing, you did not die in vain...dg
I am so sorry for this family's loss. RIP Zoey. :(
..my heart goes out to the family... you trusted your surroundings and I am sure you trusted your babies to play or potty...maybe explore... Until these murderers decided to violate your peace, safety, and trust in people... I will not judge like others have or might do... thank you for not giving up your searches even though it's bittersweet... You found your baby now let's see what these liars will do now...!
n.c hunters will kill your dog if it gets around their hunting dogs when hunting
I agree with you Lauren, they should have a fenced in area they can let the dogs out into so stuff like this does not happen, its indeed sad that the poor dog was murdered but the family in a way let it happen by letting the dogs run loose.
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