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Elderly blind dog saved from drowning by kayakers after being tied and thrown in river (PHOTOS)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | August 20, 2013 | Comments (47)

Lucio with one of his rescuers

A blind and elderly dog named Lucio was saved from a river by kayakers who spotted him drowning in the water. The kayakers were paddling on the Ebro River near Utebo in Spain's Zaragoza province, when they saw the dog desperately clinging to a rock, his body half-submerged underwater.

Lucio rescued by kayakers

Lucio rescued by kayakers

When they pulled him from the water they discovered that his hind legs were bound by industrial-strength zip ties.

Lucio rescued by kayakers

They immediately called police, who arrived with staff from the Centro de Protección Animal de Zaragoza (Animal Protection Center). Lucio was rushed to Zaragoza Veterinary Hospital.

Lucio rescued by kayakers

He was covered with mud and vegetation and was suffering from severe eye infections. The bottom half of his body was red and swollen and full of wounds from being submerged in the water for many hours, if not days.

Lucio was rescued from a river

Lucio was frightened, disoriented and dizzy when he arrived and vets determined his blindness was something he had prior to being thrown in the river, according to La Voz de la Escuela. He also has arthritis to his spine, which can be attributed to old age.

Lucio at the hospital

Lucio was not microchipped, and was found on August 14 around 9pm. It is likely the dog's owner tried to get rid of him because of his blindness and age. An investigation is underway to find the person(s) responsible. Anyone with any information is asked to email proteccionanimal@zaragoza.es.

Lucio at the hospital

Vets have been treating Lucio with antibiotics and pain medication and physically he is progressing well. Although Lucio is physically stable now, the Centro Protección Animal de Zaragoza wrote on their Facebook page that he is apathetic and doesn't want to eat and is extremely frightened.

Lucio being treated at hospital

As Lucio will need psychological rehabilitation, they are bringing in professional trainers to help him. They are also keeping him in a place with open space where he won't be overwhelmed and can regain confidence in people and other animals and begin a new chapter in his life.

Lucio is recovering

Photos: Facebook/Centro Protección Animal de Zaragoza

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Comments on this Article

The person who did this needs castrating with a rusty knife. I mean, come on people! It's a poor defenceless old woofer that deserves much, much better. Makes me equal parts angry and sad.
Why? How can anyone be so cruel? I can't even write, I am crying too hard. God Bless You Lucio! Many hugs and kisses!
:( poor dog hope he gets to trust and love again makes me sick to the stomach how horrible humans can be just because a dog cannot see dont mean it cant have a normal life ppl seems t forget dogs sense of smell is thound times more powerful then humans so they would do quite well in gettin around : /
Gosh. That's horrible. A bullet would've been more merciful. Hope he finds a loving home to spoil him for the rest of his life.
Such a beautiful soul with an obvious will to survive. I hope he learns to trust again and finds a wonderful forever home to live out the rest of his days.
Just when I thought I had heard it all...this tops it all. Get rid of his dog by slowly drowning why not drop off at shelter even a high kill is better then that..at least poor dog will not suffer. Evil, sadistic, demented psycho I just wanna hunt him down and tie him naked to a pole and beat him with a 2x4 loaded with rusty nails then bathe him with salty water and repeat.
Fluke by James Herbert is a book everyone should read - human consciousness in the body of a dog - read it as a child and it re-enforced my opinion that we take our pups for granted, and ensured I never would.
It breaks my heart to see this poor dog suffer like he is. I am so grateful for all involved in saving this wonderful dog. You all deserve the ultimate treatment just like he does. Any human being who could even think let alone do something like this deserves to be severly punished. This dog gave someone unconditional love day after day and never asked for anything in return and the person (s) do the most horrific inhumane thing to this poor poor dog. I pray they are found and punished to the fullest extent of the law. God bless Lucio!! May he heal up well and find hinself a loving forever home!!!!!
Is there a donation page setup to cover this poor dog's medical bills? Many of us are interested in donating.
The person who did this to the dog is despicable. Hopefully someone will recognize the dog and turn in the person. The dog served as a loyal companion for years and once they tired of caring for the old dog they discarded the dog in this cruel manner. How utterly lacking in compassion to not use the option of paying for a vet to painlessly euthanize the dog. When I think of the cruelty, a natural a wish in return for the person comes to mind, water boarding torture. However, I cannot condone inhumane and cruel punishment, as this person inflicted on this innocent dog. Instead I hope the person is brought to justice and spends time behind bars to be able to reflect on their utter cruelty. The uncompassionate owner placed this horrific experience onto this innocent dog. I am having a hard time blocking out visuals of the suffering dog. Thankfully, compassionate people like the kayakers, rescue team and veterinarians came to the dogs rescue. I will now make a point of focusing my mind on the good people of this world.
I hope the evil sadistic bastard who did this meets a demise that is just as cruel and is successful. There sure is some sucked out people in this world.
Absolutely heartbreaking.. Imagine what this beautiful old soul had to endure prior to the terrifying ordeal of being tied and thrown in water to drown. The person who did this, is pure evil and one very cold hearted bastard! I wish I could love him for the rest of his life <3
that is so awful, that someone would do such a thing to such a beautiful animal. Sadly though it don't surprise me. Thank goodness she had the strength to hang on, it is not her time to go. She needs a loving family to love her the way she deserves to be loved. Thank you so much to those who saved her.
Maybe Lucio could use a dog friend to encourage him to be more interested in life. God bless those kayakers for jumping in and helping this poor dog.
Starla...There are still people who say "It's just a dog"...I find this so infuriating, but I have seen it twice just recently. They say it as if nothing other than humans has any feelings. I wish I could put them in the place of an animal and see how they would enjoy that attitude then.
Is he up for adoption?
With this baby being old, being in the water for hours or days, is a very strong willed dog--certainly means he has lots of years left. He is probably scared not being able to see who is all touching him and him not knowing why his family did this to him. I hope there will be updates on this precious baby!!!!!!
As the dog seems to be very old, I hope he has been in one family all his life , because someone will know him and his owner and hopefully they will come forward and identify that owner. I also hope someone comes and takes him for their own in the autumn of his life. Speedy recovery baby and well done to everyone who took part in his rescue.
What is wrong with people?!? That poor dog. ;(
Oh my goodness the poor baby how scared it had to be. Its amazing the heart kept going with the fear it must of felt. I will never understand how someone could be so cruel. Hugs and kisses to this poor baby needs tons of TLC!!!
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