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Dog rescued from severe abuse by anonymous tipster finds new home

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | January 18, 2012 | Comments (1)

JennyJenny, a 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier, that was near death when discovered in an unheated shed three weeks ago in Whitby, Ontario, has made a remarkable recovery and is leaving the Humane Society of Durham Region to her new home and family this week.

The little dog was discovered on the brink of death in conditions that animal cruelty investigator Debby Houghton, described as "horrific" and one of the one of the most extreme cases she's ever come across. The starving and dehydrated dog weighed less than six pounds and could barely move when discovered. Jenny had lost a considerable amount of hair and there was blood coming from her mouth. Her eyes and ears were oozing pus. 

"She's doing a lot better and she's ready for a fresh start," says Ruby Richards, animal health co-ordinator with the Humane Society of Durham Region. Jenny doubled her wait and is currently showing no signs of abuse (other than having lost some teeth). "She's got tons of attitude and has turned into a little princess," laughs Richards.                                                     

"Because of Jenny's needs, we had very specific criteria we were looking for with her and that helped narrow down the options quite a bit," says Richards, adding that the new owners are a retired couple.

In addition to reminding people there are lots of dogs waiting for a second chance at local animal shelters Jenny's case helped highlight how important it is for members of the public to speak up about animal neglect happening in their community.

Jenny abused"When we talked about the anonymous tip that saved Jenny's life and how important it was for those tips to come in, two days later, we got another anonymous tip that saved another dog's life," says Richards. As a result of the several thousand dollars that was donated to the shelter to assist with Jenny's treatment when her story first broke, staff were able to use a portion of the leftover funds to pay for the second rescued dog to undergo a leg amputation.

A story like Jenny's, "really does get out to the public that they can make a difference and that just by making a phone call, you can do good," says Richards. "That's crucial because if the public doesn't step up and help organizations like ours, then there isn't anybody that's going to be able to help these animals."

Jenny's case is still under investigation with charges pending.

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awesome! Job well done guys and gals! God bless the couple that will provide for this precious furbaby!! May the rest of Jennys life be safe and comfortable!!
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