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Woman faces felony charges for setting dog on fire after bragging on Facebook

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | July 25, 2013 | Comments (56)

Woman faces felony charges for setting dog on fire after bragging on Facebook

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office charged a 35-year-old woman in connection with an animal abuse case after a dog named Brownie was found outside a north city home with severe burns.

Brownie was found July 10 anchored to a chain in the 4300 block of Cote Brilliante Avenue with burns covering his eyes, nose, feet, ears, legs and body. Brownie was rushed to Stray Rescue for emergency medical care, but Brownie died two days later.

Adrienne Martin has been charged with two felonies, Animal Cruelty and Knowingly Burning today. Part of what lead police to Martin were several posts on her Facebook page.

On July 9, the day before Brownie was found burned, a post reads: "I'm on killa mode. #killdogsdotcom… today"

The following day, the same day Brownie was burned, an additional posting read: "I mean what I say and I say what I mean. #alldogsdon'tgotoheaven.com."

On Thursday afternoon, FOX 2 News says a woman identifying herself as the suspect's sister called claiming Martin could not have set the dog on fire because "she was other people someplace else at the time".

She also claims the dog had badly bitten the Martin's nephew last year, and Martin's son just a few weeks ago.



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Comments on this Article

They should be taken to Singapore for the cane, they cane them till their flesh starts to peel away, then they let it heal, then they come back for more, and so it goes till all the amount of strikes are had, no matter how long it takes, google it, THAT IS WHAT THEY NEED, INSTANT PUNISHMENT!!!!!
That will teach her to keep her gob shut foot and mouth disease obviously!
Jay....I too emailed the circuit attorney handling this case. It took only a few minutes....but says a lot for poor little "Brownie". Please take the time and go to http://www.circuitattorney.org/Emailus.aspx and let them know that we are tired of people abusing animals!
As I've said before, this thing is pure evil and needs to be disposed of for the safety of her children and animals !! May she experience the same torture and suffering she put this poor animal in and never have any peace and a safe place in her life!!
Now everyone knows what she looks like... i hope she gets all she deserves.. shes a stupid loser. Sending Brownie hugs and may God embrace you as you always were..pure heart and loads of love.
Typical auto reply, I never received that when I emailed them, they haven't replied at all but maybe people have been flooding with calls and emails that they've just turned to auto, lets hope so!!!! There needs to be a vigalantie group just for abusers of all kinds!!!
I received this reply: Dear Mr. Cook: Thank you for your email. While we cannot comment on specific matters, our office is dedicated to seeking justice in all cases. Also, please note that the final sentencing decision in all criminal cases is made by the judge assigned to this matter. Sincerely, Circuit Attorney's Office
I really hope the people who liked her posts were just very ignorant and thought it was some weird joke. If not, I hope they have some charges brought against them to, obstruction of justice or something at the very least.
The individual that did this belongs in a cage to be studied by psychiatric professionals, in humanities ongoing attempt to identify others like this. I hope the judge presiding over this case at the time of sentencing, takes into account the viciousness of this particular crime, and can imagine in their own mind the agony that this dog must have endured. Rest in piece little Brownie, and I hope that we in the living world can give you justice, and punish the horrible thing that did this to you.
I can't believe some people actually liked her posts :-(
This is very clearly a sick person and should be severely punished for her horrid crime. I agree too that if she has children, they should be taken away from her for their own protection! Maybe to stop some of these horrible crimes, we should subject the criminals to the same punishment that they inflict!
Sometimes I think how information is gathered should remain secret. The fact that this evil person got caught on Fb shouldn't have been disclosed, you never know how many other people may use this form of media, to disclose their disgusting behaviour, therefore making it easy for the good guys to catch them.
There are just now words to express the disgust I have for this woman! I don't care what her excuse is, there just isn't an excuse for this atrocity! I pray she gets REAL prison time and never allowed near animals, ever!!!
Anchor her to a chain and take a blowtorch to her. Let her see how it feels to be helpless and alone. That poor sweet baby with no one to help him. I can't stop crying, and this bitch deserves no less than what she gave. That's what all animal abusers should get-exactly what they give.
I hope they sentenced her to jail for a long time. What, most people who did animal cruelty only get 1 or 2 years in jail? What this horrible person did deserves much, much more than that. Jail is actually too easy for her.
No words can ever describe this atrocity on an innocent dog.... I hope she gets life for doing that knowingly. The trouble with people like her is they plead not guilty for the virtue of insanity and the courts agree to that. There goes injustice for a dog whose life got curtailed because of this woman's stupidity and moronic gesture. She should've set herself on fire instead of this dog. She is totally useless!!!!
she is a disgusting bitch, i seen animal cruelty but not like this....
Please write to: http://www.circuitattorney.org/Emailus.aspx I did because people like this need to be locked up for a very long time. Thanks, Jay
Let me have this biotch!!!! Just 5 minutes....p-l-e-a-s-e!!!!
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