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Officer smashes window, crawls inside to save distressed dog who triggered alarm in hot car

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | July 21, 2013 | Comments (35)


A dog left in a car in the hot sun was rescued after he set off the vehicle's alarm. Not only did the police officer responding smash the car window, but she climbed through the back window to reach the panicked dog.

Richard Benford, who witnessed the incident told the DailyMail UK, "A lady who appeared to be some sort of animal warden climbed through the small smashed window to get the dog, which was brave because it could have bitten her. The dog was clearly distressed and hard to handle. They put wet towels on it before it was calm enough to push through the window." He added, "It was clearly traumatized and went out of control. It was shocking."

dog freed from hot car
Relieved onlookers watch as a dog was freed from a hot car. Photo: Hotspot Media

Outside temperatures were a sweltering 86F (30C) at the seaside in Exmouth, Devon, when concerned citizens saw the dog yelping and barking to be let out of the car. He was inside the vehicle with no water and the windows only slightly cracked, making temperatures inside the car likely a minimum of 104F (40C).

Around 40 people gathered to watch officers free the dog and cheered when the he was released. The dog "went nuts" as soon as he was out of the car, but relaxed soon after. A police spokesman said that the owner turned up around the time the RSCPA were being informed about the incident. 






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Comments on this Article

I wouldn't hesitate to break a window either!! Baby, Dog, Cat, I don't care, If they are locked in a hot car and suffering its Good Bye Window!!
Jamie, you are a total idiot. Never get a dog.
@Jamie.....are you frickin' kidding me?...you must be a newbie to Arizona...I'm a native of Arizona and you think that a dog in a car with the temp of 104 degrees isn't going to die?...REALLY?...you must be really living on Uranus because yeah no.....the temp in the car may be 104 but you have to remember a few things...the GLASS of the car contributes to that heat....have you ever taken a magnifying glass and tried to start a fire with it?....Color of the car is important as well..if it's darker it's even more hot...My goodness....you made the comment that dogs live outside in 110 degree weather here in az?...you're right they do...and they also die from heat stroke...lack of water...lack of shade...if you don't have all those things here in az, and if you keep your dog outside they WILL be taken away from you! Also might I remind you that animals have FUR...so not only is it 104 inside the car..to them it's even hotter because of the different lengths of fur...how can you seriously live in az and make that statement....there are tons of people that leave their dogs in cars here in az and children might I add...it's neglect and abuse...period...please just stop talking...especially with saying you're from Arizona...I really don't want to be looked down upon because We're both from the same state...meh
@Jamie... this one's for you. http://www.dogheirs.com/tamara/posts/3836-police-officers-break-window-to-rescue-bulldog-from-hot-car-video
@Patricia I like the part where you deal with the consequences of breaking a window. :) Ive had the window of my car broken. for no apparent reason.(nothing was stolen or anything) i got pretty pissed but not everyone has an extra car window laying around like i do. Dont take me wrong. its still a bad thing to leave your dog in a hot car and im totally against it. Its just with so many people saying " ill just break the window and let the dog out" some might read out of it "okay so when i see a dog in a car and i think its hot its okay for me to break the window." Not everyone is as nice as you to stay and wait for the police. However if any of you get the situation where you have to break the window before help appears, i suggest you go over the facts. 1.breaking a window=shattered glass=possible injuries 2. you have no idea what that dog is like. wether hes nice or wether hell bite you and run away. 3. While opening the door of the car the dog might run away and it doesnt have a collar. what then? liek with number 1, were talking about a dog thats possibly very very hot and you break the window and the dog suddenly runs to the window (you obviously dont break the window next to the dog) and jumps out. Then you have a dog with shattered glass in his legs and hes running away. on a parkinglot. parkinglot=nearby street=cars moving=death. so for you...ALL of you.. think about it. and think what can go wrong and how you can handle the situation if it goes wrong. All i wanted to say is Prepare yourself.
@ Jaime...Unlikely to smash a window when a dog is left inside???? I will not even wait for the police!! I will do it myself and deal with concequences later after the dog is safe. I can't imagine leaving my dog inside a car in the summer.....and YES your coment is senseless and brainless and nobody is attacking you, is just that is a stupid response. Lock yourself in your car without a coat for 1 hour and then let us know how you are feeling........................
I don't care where you live Jammie and your comments no matter what you said, it still does not matter. I hope you learn something i didn't see any attacks here on you. People are telling you are wrong with facts and links. Yet you don't want to accept those facts.
May I reiterate? I did not say that it is okay to leave dogs in hot cars. Please review my comments if necessary. Also, it seems as though some of you are confused and think I am the pet owner from this article. I am not. I don't even live in the same country.
Jamie - Seriously Jamie, no one cares what religion don't bring religion into this. The fact there more than one story and link that say a dog has died in a 75 degrees weather speaks volumes. you are still denying the fact you are still denying anything you just upset people are telling you the truth and you rather ignore it. I personally love to report you to authorities as you shouldn't owned dogs.
I wonder how that woman would like to be stuck in that car at that temp? Might teach her a lesson!! How many times and how many ways does it have to be said DO NOT DO THIS IT WILL KILL YOUR DOG!! I swear the collective IQ has gone down in the last 10 yrs! And actually, JAMIE - don't come to Minnesota then if you want to leave your dog in the car when it's hot out - cuz our cops will bust your window and get your dog out however they can! I've seen it done! Oh sure - they'll try to use other means first to get it open but if they can't - then it gets smashed, the moron driver gets a ticket and/or if the dog is distressed enough it leaves either with animal control or the officer and the moron driver/owner then has to pay for the animal's boarding, care and food too when they go to court because then it becomes a matter for the courts and not just a ticket! And I'm glad that we have cops up here that will step up and protect even our furry members of society from their all too many times "dumb" humans!! Blessings to that poor little dog and I honestly hope he winds up being taken away from that woman and goes to a new fur-ever home that will treat him right!
Jamie - I am sorry, but you need to quit being defensive and l;ook at the realities. There have been many times too many children and animals who have suffered horribly and died in a car on days 75 degrees F and over! When will it be enough? Police often have to break windows to try and save them, and will do so without question to save a life..human or animal! Please research this! Don't just take my word! I am sorry to say that your dog would have died soon if someone hadn't acted! I would be thanking them, not blaming them. You were in the wrong, so, suck it up and help do something about it! I say this without judgement because I am a Christian trying to help! Look inside your heart and ask our Heavenly Father if your dog deserved to suffer like it did, then thank Him for sending His angels to save it! We all make mistakes....with God, you will not repeat this one! I will be praying with you!
After reading comments and messages attacking me personally, and even one from a woman saying that she hopes I die in a hot car (such a kind, christian thing to say), let me quote myself: "I am not making these arguments to say it's okay to leave a dog in a car on a hot day for an extended period of time" Yes, cars get hot. Yes, dogs die in them. I never denied those facts, I simply stated that temperature of 104 degrees is not likely to kill a dog. http://www.redrover.org/mydogiscool/how-hot-do-cars-get
Jamie i really hope you learn some things here. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/columnist/pettalk/2009-07-14-dogs-in-hot-cars_N.htm I read on a news site that a guy left his dog in his car for 15 minutes in 75 degrees weather and he came back the dog died. Explain that one sweety? slim? no its not slim it happens more than you know there a difference between the heat inside a car and outside a car.
This is also in response to Jamie - you should probably educate yourself before you start regurgitating nonsense. On a normal summer day the temp inside a vehicle can reach almost 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes, even with all four windows cracked between one-two inches. http://dogingtonpost.com/veterinarian-sits-in-a-hot-parked-car-for-30-minutes/#.UfGOahYgyi0
This is in response to Jamie's comment. I don't care where you live, being in a closed up car when it's hot is like an oven, there is no breeze, and the heat is searing. Your comment shows how ignorant you are regarding animal safety. In case you aren't aware, dogs have fur and do not sweat. This dog has a very thick coat. Why don't you try putting on a fur coat an going to sit in car with closed windows for a while and see how it feels? And while your at it, get a clue.
SO, so, so much is wrong with this story. Not only do I think that it seems unlikely for someone, especially a police officer, to break a window to get the dog out, but it's even more unlikely that they would be so dumb as to crawl into the window as opposed to unlocking and opening the door. Not to mention the part where this person supposedly climbed inside the window to get the dog out - again, they would unlock and open a door. Even more importantly, an outside temp of 86 degrees that results in an in-car temp of 104 degrees would not have killed that dog. I live in Arizona and I can promise you there are thousands upon thousands of dogs who actually LIVE OUTSIDE EVERY DAY in temperatures that get higher than this, sometimes over 110 degrees. Sure, the dog may have been distressed because he was uncomfortable and had been left alone, but the likelihood that he would die is slim. Up the outside temp by 10 degrees though, and you have one cooked puppy. I am not making these arguments to say it's okay to leave a dog in a car on a hot day for an extended period of time, I am just saying this story is seriously over-exaggerated and should be fact-checked.
Hi Stefania. You sound a lot like my young nephew who has a lot of brilliant ideas, and is way smarter than me when it comes to technology and computers. It's great that you are thinking of ways to protect animals from this situation, and maybe one day you will come up with a solution to it. For right now though, I think that it's better to to teach people that they should never leave their animals in a car unattended for any reason just to make sure that they don't get hurt. Maybe one day there will be a computer smart enough in a car to alert the police if an animal or a person is in a medical emergency. Until then I think that we should never leave animals alone in a car. I always encourage the inventive spirit, and I'm sure one day you will be successful.
@Chantel Cummings Yes it would be easier but It would come in handy when you need it. I would of course rather want to have the dog wait outside (not in the car) but theres people that steal dogs that are waiting outside the store or whatever for their owner to return. I have a rabbit and i cant make him wait outside the place im going into. i cant not take him because mabye im on my way home from camping.. With it i mean to use it only if neccesary and it would come in handy at that kind of moment. i dont know what that moment is or when it comes but when it suddenly comes id like to have this handy invention in my car ready to help.
I can't believe how gullible all you readers are. First off, an officer would not put a small hole in the window. Second, the officer wouldn't hand the dog out through the window....they would open the car door. Use your heads people.
Thak GOD for that officer! How could anyone leave a dog in a car on a hot day?? Poor puppy must have just been suffering terribly. I hope the owner is made accountable.
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