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Police officer who kidnapped German Shepherd to save him from euthanasia says he will "never regret" his actions

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | June 14, 2013 | Comments (26)

Lars Bo Lomholt was sentenced for kidnapping a dog sentenced to die out of a kennel
Lars Bo Lomholt was sentenced in Danish court for rescuing Thor. Photo: Scanpix

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Lars Bo Lomholt, a Danish police officer charged with kidnapping a German Shepherd from a kennel in order to save the dog's life, has been sentenced in court.

A judge in Helsingør has sentenced Lars to a 60-day suspended sentence and two-year probation for abusing his position of authority. Lars was also ordered to pay the costs incurred in the case.

The incident gained international attention last January, when Lars impersonated an on-duty officer and snuck the dog named Thor from a kennel. The 7-year-old dog was scheduled to be euthanised the next day for having bit a smaller dog.

Thor had been out walking with his owner when he was scared by a smaller dog, who jumped out behind them. He turned and bit the smaller dog. Although both owners acknowledged it was an accident, and Thor's owner paid the resulting fine, authorities later seized Thor and ordered him put to sleep.

Thor is living in exile in Sweden after being rescued by Lars

Lars had served as a police officer for 20 years but disagreed with the authorities' decision to euthanize Thor. Lars, with assistance from fellow dog lovers, took Thor to an undisclosed hiding spot, later revealed to be somewhere in Sweden.

Lars appealed his sentencing in court and said he acted to save Thor on moral grounds, according to the Copenhagen Post.

"I have always had a soft spot for the weak and I have a strong sense of justice," he said. "I have been happy to help people who felt that they have been unjustly treated. That dog control law is twisted and I did this to raise awareness about the issue."

A Danish petition in support of Lars garnered over 140,000 signatures. Although his career is likely finished, Lars told MetroXpress newspaper that he has no regrets.

"I will never regret that. I believe that I have helped promote the debate about dog control laws to a level that it should have been long ago,” he said.

Thor remains in a safe location in Sweden. Lars said he has seen Thor a few times since freeing him, most recently in April. Lars said, "From what I can see, Thor is doing really well."


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Comments on this Article

Here in the U.S., on a daily basis, cops shoot people's pet dogs seemingly just for the "fun" of it. This cop is a healthy human being! (And he's a nice contrast to that awful guy at the Copenhagen zoo who who recently killed a young giraffe and several lions to make room for "new genes" in his menagerie - really sick.)
Brilliant. A police officer that definitely knows right from wrong. Pity there isn't many more like him. What a hero xxx
Integrity can be seen as the quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness in relation to the motives for their actions. The term "hypocrisy" is used in contrast to integrity for asserting that one part of a set of values ​​proven to be in conflict with another, and require the parties apparently have conflicting values​​, taking into account the discrepancy or change their beliefs in order to improve the internal consistency.
Brave man to save an innocent life. A man of courage and integrity. May the Lord bless you.
Yes, he broke the law so he should be punished for it. Even if it's true that Thor was no on a leash, it's his owner's fault and not Thor's so he shouldn't be punished for it. Either way, Thor shouldn't be put to sleep just because the humans around him are irresponsible.
Lars did an awesome and brave thing. Kudos to him, there should be more like him on this earth.
No Thor was not on a leash, and no the little dog jumped nowhere, it went on the opposite side of the road ..!!
Incidentally, Lars taken in various lies in both the media and TV. WHO can take that seriously..
Beautiful! Typical of people to be personal and not stick to context.
He broke the law. He abused his position in the police. He forged documents. That is what he is convicted fore. Since then, he publicly lied on TV and newspapers about the incident. The dog Thor was NOT on a leash, among other things.
For Gods sake this is buerocrisy gone mad. The dog owners both agreed it was an accident and with Thor's owner paying the fine and both leaving happy. Thor is such a beautiful dog and this Police man should be seen as an upstanding citizen, he should not lose his position for doing something he believed was right.
I think Lars did nothing wrong why should he loose his job over saving a beautiful dog the dog got surprised by the little one I don't feel he was an aggresive dog they are not mean dogs. He stopped a precious angel from being euthinized which to me these dog pounds and places most of the time are quick to kill I see it all the time. No he did nothing wrong kill over a small bite. No I don't agree this man did what he felt was right just give him the dog he should keep his job. I am an animal lover especially dogs people do enough harm to them someone has to fight for them. We are their voice.
What a wonderful man you are, dear Lars. Not only a protector of people but a protector of the innocent, voiceless victims too. Thank you.
Now this is a REAL man, principles before profit! Well done sir, you are truly an inspiration.
This man is the very epitome of the perfect policeman. Caring with a dislike of injustice and when he sees injustice the strength of character to do something about it. And he has been dismissed! What does that say about society in general?
thank you for making a stand stupid court case thank you
Thank you for saving Thor's life. You are the best for what you did. I will never understand why they would want to euthanize him when both parties said it was a accident, lately that always seems to be the solution and it is wrong. When a person kills someone they are put in jail and get room and board, food,medical and dental. Doesn't make sense to me. Killing doesn't and shouldn't always be the answer.
Thank you for saving this boy. Laws sometimes need to be broken. Nothing changes if people don't have the courage to stand up for what is right, as you did.
To me and many others, Lars is a "modern day" hero. I admire him so much for risking everything to save this dog. We need a lot more people like him. Thank you so much Lars on behalf of all dogs unjustly accused.
Integrity.Something many of our officers are in short supply of.
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