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Pet parents joyfully reunite with their lost dog found 500 miles from home (VIDEO)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | May 28, 2013 | Comments (3)

A dog was found 500 miles from her home and happily reunited with her parents

Karen Stievenhart hollered with joy when she saw her dog Jasmine come through the doors at Fulton County Animal Services. She gave Jasmine a hug and asked her where she's been?

But Jasmine isn't able to tell her owner how she got 500 miles from her home in Terre Haute, Indiana and ended up in Atlanta Georgia.

Three weeks ago, Jasmine slipped out of her collar and ran away from home. Since then, Karen and her husband Victor have been looking for her. Karen has been visiting the shelter in Terre Haute every day, but there was no sign of Jasmine.  Luckily, Jasmine is microchipped and employees at the Fulton County animal shelter tracked down the Stievenharts to tell them they had their lost dog.

Karen and Victor think Jasmine might of hitched a ride. That's how Jasmine ended up at Atlanta's shelter. The woman in Atlanta who brought her in said that Jasmine jumped right into her car.

Hugging Jasmine, Karen said, "Oh the stories she could tell."


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Comments on this Article

I had a situation where both my dogs were micro-chipped. We moved to another veterinary office and they wanted to verify the chips. After a number of attempts on both dogs, neither chip was found. I thought I remembered the original insertion points being nearer their head. The Doctor was looking in the area of their shoulder blades. Once the Doctor started the scans at the top of their head and moved down, their chips were found just above where the collar was worn. I often wondered, if either dog got out and her collar removed, would animal control also miss the chip?
Such a heartwarming ending. I have my doggies micro-chipped but I often wonder at stories on the internet of how dogs weren't found for years, even tho they had micro-chips. That would be the FIRST thing I'd check for if I found a lost dog. So glad Jasmine is back with someone who loves her SO MUCH. :0)
Oh that magical microchip. I've read so many stories so far where the microchip saved the day for a lost dog. I'm so glad that fate allowed us to see that happy reunion. Karen and Victor, I'm so glad that Jasmine is back with you safe and sound.
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