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Franky and his blind-deaf pug sweetheart find a home

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | January 11, 2012 | Comments (7)

It looks like Franky and Elly have found a home. Franky is the wonderful pug who acts as a guide dog for his lifelong canine companion, Elly, who is blind and deaf.

Franky and Elly the pugsFranky leads the way for Elly wherever they go. He takes her to their food and water, and helps her navigate the world. The rescued pair have been staying for around a year at the RSPCA in Newport, Wales. "She always goes to him and he just takes her places," says Elaine Buchan, manager at the RSPCA. "He's not trained to be a guide dog, but he kind of does it naturally." To find Franky, Elly sniffs the air and then nuzzles into his side to walk along with him.

The sweet pair of pugs were morbidly obese when they were brought in to the shelter and needed operations and health care. The shelter would not even consider adopting them out separately. Having recently appeared on TV and in the newspapers, the pair finally found a forever home just after Christmas. "They're such happy dogs now," says Buchan. "They play a lot, and whenever they see their person they're just thrilled and give her lots of cuddles."


Franky and Elly the pugs

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Thanks Tamara, i'll try that! LOL, the pugs WERE cute, but they've been driving me nuts! ;)
@ Tara - just select the picture you want where it says "choose a thumbnail" when you share a link on Facebook. I've shared lots of articles on Facebook this way without any problem!
DOG HEIRS!!! Every since I shared this article, the picture of these pugs attaches itself to every other link I attempt to share...from anybody, not just you guys. It has also happened to Top Dawg K-9, a fellow FB page. Any idea what's going on or how to stop it?
Bless the person who had the heart to adopt them both.
this has made my cry ...fantastic story!
Happy that they finally find home. :) Lovely story.
That is such a lovely story :)
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