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Duct-taped dog rescued; investigators ask for public's help

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | March 05, 2013 | Comments (57)

a dog was found duct taped on a Greentown property. The animal abuse case is being investigated.

A Pit bull who was found with duct tape around her snout and legs by Pennsylvania State Police, is now safe and sound. According to Facebook reports, the dog was also bound to a tree and once freed from her binds and the tree, the rescued dog smothered the officers with kisses, her tail wagging eagerly.

The distressed dog was taken into protective custody by Dog Warden Jim Rickert and Humane Officer Marlene Metzger in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

State police, the state dog warden and the PA Humane Society are all gathering evidence for the case. They are hoping witnesses will step forward to help with the investigation.

The dog was found in an out-building at her owner's Greene Township property on Friday March 1st and was taken to a veterinarian. The dog is now safe and sound and being doted on at a shelter.

A Greentown man is currently under investigation for alleged animal abuse and charges may be laid in the next few days.

Anyone with information should contact PA Humane Society Police Officer Marlene Metzger at the Dessin Animal Shelter, at (570) 647-0239.


Update: March 5, 2013

Charges have been filed against a man suspected of abusing the dog found duct taped in Pike County. Russell Seese of Greentown was charged Tuesday with two counts of animal cruelty.

Witnesses are still encouraged to come forward.

Update: December 26, 2013

Lexi's former owner has been sentenced. Read the update here.


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Comments on this Article

I did not read the specific charges, but I would bet money this dog was r@ped. This happened to our dog 16 years ago in Texas. We had decided she needed a new home with more room so I put an ad in the paper, "Free Dog..." A man claiming to have a diabetic son called. He came and got her; the next day we received a call from the Dallas SPCA saying they had found our dog (she still had her tags) in the restroom of a local park, duct taped mouth and feet-- thankfully someone had walked in on the man before he was able to r*** her. Like an idiot, I had not gotten the man's name or address. The SPCA people warned us NEVER to offer to give away a female dog for free. Deviants take these dogs for their sick pleasure (maybe moving on to children and/or adult when the thrill of brutalizing animals is gone). Our dog's story ended well-- we took her home and she lived out her natural life with us, twelve more years. But at the same time our dog was rescued, there was another female dog at the same shelter who had not been so fortunate-- she was rescued *after* her attack, and needed several surgeries to repair the damage the r****t had caused.
I will track down this Pike company and send them a email. Or if anyone knows the address I will mail a letter also. And anyone from Philly statrs a petition let me know I will be more than happy to sign. This shit needs to stop!! This peice of shit Russell Seese will never hurt an animal again!!!
It might well be worth contacting (respectfully!) the Pike Co., PA Board of Conservation asking them to remove him from office, since he is clearly unfit to serve on a Conservation Board.
I agrre with sharon anderson jail is to good for this guy tie his ass to a tree and starve him duct taped up ,see how he likes it. and he is a conservationist? if he does this to a dog i hate to think how he would treat children if he has them. really hoping he dont right now...WHAT A JERK
Im sick..........ino this world has SUM ppl in it but this is unreal doing this 2 a dog poor wee thing hope he gets a lovely new home xxx
Here is a story about the incident: http://wnep.com/2013/03/05/cruelty-charges-for-duct-taped-dog/
You are not going to believe this!!! This guy, Russell Seese, is on the Pike, PA Board of Conservation. INCREDIBLE. STANDING PROUDLY ON THE PIKE COUNTY PA CONSERVATIONIST WEBSITE,!!!!
OMG... What a sick bastard..Only ill and unsecure people can do this. Normal people would never do that...
This pup is welcome in my home in Austin,tx. Plz do your best to give this pup a second chance. Update us about the pup. I am serious, I would give this pup a.life of love, peace, and happiness.
Can anyone tell me what will happen to this dog will she be rehomed? As she does deserve a better chance in life :)
Look the poor little thing was even wagging his tail in this picture, I WANT THIS DOG!!!!!
Well Russell Sense you don't stand a snowballs chance in hell in jail when they find out you have done this!!!!! POS is what you are, hope they beat the hell out of you in jail!
Bless it's little heart, people like this make me sick and one day they will answer to God for this!!!! It makes me so sad, I wish I could take this dog and give him hugs and kisses. I am glad he is safe now.
Awwwwww!!!!!! This TOTALLY disturbs me!!!! I'm sick! I wish I could hug this dog and shower her with kisses!!!! Thank GOD she was rescued!!!!!!
A BIG Thanks to "Toya" For giving us this flippin idiot's name: Russell Seese. I hope he rot's in jail. It would be nice to see a news paper article about this guy! And I would like to know if he gets jail time....
Isn't PA a state with the most horrific animal abuse cases (those that are known), and the most slack in animal law enforcement, if there exists any?
that POS name is: Russell Seese
This just makes my heart hurt. I truly hope the person who did this soon realizes what Karma is. I am so glad that she is in the hands of people who care, and will find a loving forever home.
This horrible SOB should be prosecuted to the fullest. How could anyone do this? It makes me so sad and so sick. Innocent animals suffer abuse every day. We NEED stricter laws and LONG jal time, plus they should NEVER be allowed to have any animal again. Thank God someone rescued this po or baby
I work for a rescue and see this kind of thing often. No more turning heads or slaps on the wrist. This behavior is no different than child abuse. Tougher laws, strict mandatory jail sentences for first time offenders. Even tougher laws for the law officers that turn the other cheek. All it takes is one person in a community to make a difference. Type up a petition. Take it around to business, schools, pet shops, veterinarians etc. Email, Facebook, tweet everyone you know. Send it to you congressman and demand the law to be passed. Not that easy you may say. Not the hard either. I did it. You can. Let's stand together and protect the ones that can't help themselves. NO MORE EXCUSES. Email me. I'll help you any way I can.
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