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Heroic dog saves teenage girl from violent sexually-motivated attack

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | February 25, 2013 | Comments (2)

A heroic dog saved his new guardian from a sexual predator
A heroic dog saved his teenage guardian from an armed attacker. Photo: John Kirk-Anderson

A teenage girl believes she could have been killed during a sexually motivated attack, if it had not been for the heroic dog she adopted just two months ago. The dog sprung to her aid and pulled the attacker off her long enough for her to escape and run for help.

The 19-year-old had just been dropped off at her Burnside home in Christchurch, New Zealand early on Sunday morning, when the dog ran out of the house after she opened the door.

She chased after him as the dog ran towards the nearby park. She stayed close to the road by the park, but as she passed by some bushes she was grabbed by a man and dragged into the dark.

Describing her ordeal to The Press, the teen said she initially blacked out when her head hit the ground. But when she came to, she fought back. She kicked the man in the groin and scratched his face, but she said her attacker did not make any sound, only "creepy" noises as she hit him. He was also hitting her with what she thought was a phone, but later learned was a weapon.

"He was cutting me with something, but I had no pain. All the blood, I thought, was sweat or tears. I was yelling for help and screaming at some points. I thought, 'If I'm going to die I might as well fight back,'" she said.

The teen suffered multiple cuts to her face, hands and arms. She believes she would have likely not have survived the attack if her 13-month-old German-Shepherd-Greyhound-Border-Collie cross had not suddenly appeared and leaped on the man.

The heroic dog bit the attacker on the neck or shoulder and pulled him off her, giving her a chance to escape. The young woman told the Press, "I could hear him growling. I didn't look back. I ran straight to the road." She was able to flag down a passing car for help. "I don't think I'd be here if [he] didn't do that." 

Since the attack, the dog has not left her side. "He's an amazing dog. It was a horrible thing, but I could have got murdered in a park."

Although traumatized by the ordeal, the young woman came forward with details in order to warn other women.

The man is described as European with dark facial stubble. The sexually-motivated attack occurred at 1:50 am on February 24 in Jellie Park, Christchurch.

Anyone with information on the attack should phone Detective Greg Dalziel on (03) 363 7899 or phone the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.



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Comments on this Article

Good for you to be brave and share your story to help others, that can't have been easy. And what a great dog! They really do have such an instict to proctect their humans, even if not trained to do so. My shepherd mixed girl is very sweet, even somewhat timid most of the time. Once I was walking her and it got dark before we knew it. A man walked up on us before we saw him coming, she didn't like that at all - he didn't do anything bad but she felt a threat and started this mean barking, fur all standing up. That man crossed to the other side of the street and quickened his pace. I've always felt a little safer with her since then, now I know she has it in her to protect mama, if she feels she needs to :)
I applaud your bravery for coming forward to warn other women about this coward that likes to jump out of bushes. I only wish your dog got a good piece of flesh of the perp so DNA testing could have been done. Like in the article " Loyal pit bull who defended his family helps police identify alleged murderer through DNA" January 18 2013 by Tamara. To your dog I say "good boy". To detective Greg Dalziel, I hope you get this coward off your streets, good hunting.
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