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Neglected Golden Retriever who ate her own tail saved and available for adoption

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | January 25, 2013 | Comments (8)

An abandoned Golden Retriever who was rescued after she ate her tail out of desperation, will soon be ready for adoption.

Starved Golden Retriever who ate part of her tail has been savedThe 7-year-old dog named Goldie was rescued by landlord Barry Coppes after he evicted his wayward tenants in Mason City, Iowa. The tenants had abandoned eight dogs and during the process to evict them, 7 of the dogs were removed from the home and adopted. However, Goldie had been locked in a cage outside and had endured the winter cold with no food and little water for 3 weeks.

Barry took Goldie to a veterinarian, who suggested  humanely euthanizing her. Barry wanted to give the dog a second chance and took her home with him. He also left a message with the Humane Society of North Iowa asking for help. On her first night, Goldie's state of starvation and anxiety was so great she ate part of her tail.

Realizing Goldie was in a severe state and more than he could manage, Barry prepared to bring her back to the vet. Just as he was heading out, he received a call from the Humane Society. They said they could take Goldie and asked that he drop her off. 

When Goldie arrived at their shelter two weeks ago she was 20 pounds underweight.

"She walked in skin and bone, her tail was still missing," Sybil Soukup, Executive Director of the Humane Society, told the DesMoines Register. "But she was jumping up and down. There was still a sparkle in her eye."

Starved Golden Retriever who ate part of her tail has been savedSince then, Goldie has had surgery to treat her tail and is slowly gaining back weight. She loves to chase after balls and is a very happy dog considering what she has gone through.

The Humane Society said on their Facebook page, "The phone is ringing off the hook today from people who have heard all about Goldie and her unfortunate past. :( She's on the road to recovery in our care and is definitely looking forward to a new life with a forever family!"

Goldie might be ready for adoption as early as the end of next week. Goldie’s adoption fee is $110. For more information on Goldie and other dogs available for adoption at the Humane Society call: 641-423-6241 or visit their website at: www.hsni.org.

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Comments on this Article

If people don't want to take care of the animals whey don't they give them to someone that will .
I wilk focus on the positive. I am praying Goldie is givwn a proper loving home and that the people adopting her being screened thoroughly especially since Goldie has gone through so much.. she.is beautiful and in no time in a suitable home that deserves her love and loyalty.
May this precious baby get her fur-ever home with lots of love. These dogs are so loving and loyal, who ever adopts her will be very lucky.
Dogs may live in the moment for the most part but I rescued a Poodle that had been abused for five years. He NEVER got over it. His brain was affected somehow, he had a split personality and certain things would set him off. We gave him a loving home for seven years but had to be very careful around children and other dogs. He would turn on us and bite us without provocation. All dogs do not get over their abuse. He was very traumatized. He is waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge now and I am so happy that we were able to give him a home where he was loved and understood.
I hope these persons have been charged, since they know who they are.
Glad to Goldie is saved, loved and safe now. Agree with Amy, focus and support should be directed just as much if not more to those animals on death rows. Some of those dogs might have similar pasts or worse but they aren't in the news. Also, the landlord should report the scumbag ex tenant to the authority for what was done to Goldie.
I am just in tears reading this awful ordeal that this sweet dog went thru. What in the HELL is wrong with people? I sure hope that these asses that did this, get what is coming to them! God Bless this sweet pup!
Poor, poor, sweet baby girl, to have suffered like that. All of them! The only saving grace about this - and like stories - is this tale is so horrible, it will evoke sympathy and bring forth many adopters for her. She went through a horrendous ordeal, but I wish the same sense of urgency to rescue ALL the animals on death rows who haven't suffered such tragic circumstances was in peoples' hearts as well. The one thing I am thankful for, is that dogs live in the moment, and although emotionally traumatized, it appears she is happy & grateful for every moment of her current days of freedom.
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