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Compassionate deputy who rescued stabbed dog plans to adopt her

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | January 17, 2013 | Comments (27)

A dog viciously attacked by her owner will be adopted by the deputy who found her
Amber was violently attacked by her owner. The Deputy who rescued her will be adopting her.


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A dog who was viciously attacked by her owner will be adopted by the St. Johns County deputy who rescued her.

Amber, a Border Collie-Labrador Retriever mix, had her throat slashed and was stabbed multiple times by Randall Bryen Hart. The man's roommates witnessed the violent incident and reported it to deputies and Deputy Dan Sorrells and animal control officers came to their home to investigate.

Hart was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. He told deputies at the scene that Amber had to be "put down" for attacking a kitten. His roommates said that the dog and kitten were playing when Hart suddenly snapped. He dragged Amber outside and began to stab her.

One of the men heard her cries and went to help the wounded dog but Hart threatened him to "back off" and he was afraid to intervene. Hart then dragged Amber howling into the woods behind their mobile home. The witnesses told Deputy Sorrells it appeared that Hart might have been trying to bury the dog and they assumed Amber was already dead.

Deputy Sorrells searched for Amber and folllowed a trail of blood for around 45 minutes, until he found her. He called to her and she responded. "She walked right over to me," Dan told the Florida Times Union. "She showed no aggression."

A dog viciously attacked by her owner will be adopted by the deputy who found her
Deputy Dan Sorrells with Amber at the vet hospital. Photo: Bruce Lipsky/The Times-Union

Amber was rushed to Atlantic Veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is now recovering from her wounds. Hart relinquished ownership of Amber and is currently in jail.

Meanwhile, Deputy Sorrells wants to give the 4-year-old a new home with his family. He plans to pay her medical bills and adopt her. She will join Deputy Sorrells and his family's two other rescue dogs. He said, "This dog will fit in perfectly with them."

The video below shows Deputy Sorrells visiting with Amber at the vet hospital. 


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Comments on this Article

Good that the deputy both saved the dog and will adopt it. I hope Hart gets many years in states prison.
Any action going to be taken against the previous owner? Bless you Dep. Sorrells you can tell by the pictures she has truly found her humans. Beautiful dog.
What is wrong with people, dog owners are supposed to be loving people or so people say, I can put my hands up and say I love my dog. I take my hat of to deputy Dan you are a great man and should be honoured for what you have done with Amber, I hope she lives a long a happy loving life. please would you put some photos on site now and then to show us how she is doing. And as for the other animal I hope he gets 10 years plus
Poor baby. I hope the previous owner never gets out of jail. Someone like that who is so vicious and violent will only be a detriment to society. Throw away the key! Thank you to Deputy Dan whose kindness and generosity is more powerful than the awful ordeal Amber went through. Amber you are a brave dog and now you will go to a good, loving home--the home you deserve.
Thank you officer for standing and giving this beautiful dog the chance to trust again I hope they catch the monster who did this but he remember the dog does not forget
Put the monster away, he will do the same to people!
god bless u deputy. we love u for what u have done for that beautiful dog. i pray he recovers quickly. u r a REAL man in my eyes i wish i could give both of u a big hug. that was an evil and cruel man and he needs to pay big time
anyone who treats any animal bad, should be treatedhe same way. If you don't lov your pet, give him/her to someone who cares!!
I love the happy end for Amber. I think this was not the first time the owner attacked her. I am glad he will be punished.
I hate people who abuse animals.........ALL animals....not, just, one species! I love them ALL!
So grateful to this man.I just hate hearing that animals are being abused especially dogs.God bless this man for having a huge heart and taking this dog to a loving home
I missed the section about the kitten! We had a small dog, years ago, & took in a kitten! Our dog was scared to death of her. We showed her the kitten wouldn't hurt her! They played & played & the kitten would grab on to Babe's fur & babe would run throught the house with the kitten attached. Two years later, we took in 2 more cats & they were afraid of Babe. Soon they were clinging to her fur & she'd take them for a ride. Some dogs are not nice to cats, but it depends on the breed & the owners & if they are raised together. I didn't know this creep got out! The bail wasn't high enough! He needs to be ordered to get psychiatric therapy, before he ends up killing a human! He should NEVER be allowed to have another animal of any kind! Yes, the laws need to be changed in every state & I think the Federal government needs to pass tough laws against animal cruelty, also! Only, a sick person could harm an animal! I love all animals! They bring, so, much joy to, so, many! I can't get the video to play! Thanks, again, Officer Sorrells! XXX
the owner have to be killed. you are the best man in all over the world that helps poor dog. thanks a lot.
I am very happy to hear that she was saved. There are to many evil people out there who have no soul or heart to do this to innocent animals If I ever win the lottery or am able to come up with some decent money I will open up a no kill shelter here in Md where I live just to try and help these poor animals that need a second chance. In the meantime I give high praise to the officer that saved her. God Bless You and there should be more people out there just like you
I have trouble reading this because I fear for those animals who were not saved. Doesn't anyone know how we can get laws changed to make the punishment for this crime more severe? It looks like this idiot is out already. What a JERK! This poor dog trusted him! Why couldn't this nut-job's room mates together stop him? Poor dog. : ( And what about the cat? Is the kitty okay?
I'd like to whip that man's ass WV style. Thank God for the good hearted room mate and the officer. I just can't stand people like that, a waste of good oxygen!
IMO the Deputy Sorrells is an ANGEL. As far as her vet bills, I feel that the filth that did that to her should be not only be punished harshly, but required to reimburse Debuty Sorrells for Ambers vet bills if he is unable to pay the bills at this time himself.. I can pray that more officers see this loving story and learn from it. This is how our law enforcement are supposed to be, TRUSTED!! A BIG, BIG THANK YOU DEPUTY SORRELLS, YOU ARE A HERO TO SO MANY OF US!!! ((^,^))
THROW AWAY THE KEY!!! How evil can people be ??? .. I knoe what I'd like to do to this lowlife .. hope he gets exactly whats coming to him from the locals who actually know him !!!
Such a beautiful girl. I'm so glad that she is recovering and thank you to the deputy. For the life of me I cant understans why some people think that it's ok to abuse an animal, I hope he rots in jail. There has to be stiffer jail time for people like this. Good luck Amber and God bless you Deputy Sorells.
How could anyone be, so, cruel to animals.....AND it was his very own??? I hope he gets a very harsh punishment! Thank you Officer Sorrells for rescuing & giving this beauty a good home! I have to share this story. People are upset with, so, many police officers coming on their property & shooting their dogs, just, for barking at them, when the police had no business there in the first place! One had his hand in the dogs collar when it was shot....could have shot the owner!
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