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A boy and his dog's uplifting competition at ParAgility World Cup (VIDEO)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | December 07, 2011 | Comments (15)

This video brought a tear to my eye. So wonderful how the dog waits to be directed by the boy throught the agility course. ParAgility has an international World Cup event (PAWC), held in conjunction with the International Mix & Breed Championship Agility (IMCA) in the Netherlands each year.



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Comments on this Article

She is another hungarian Paragility competitor, Anna Csenki, she is in wheelchair and she has speak difficulties. But how she control her dog, Ropi.... http://youtu.be/JHr2eDNTaJ0
I was on Paragility competitions many times, for example in Belgium on IMCA. There are a lot of category competitiors can enter for depending on the type of disability. It is always enthusiastic how these competitors do agility with their dog. And, what is more, they have fantastic dogs !! I always suffer from keeping crying back.
Let me some notice. That "boy" actually a girl, named Patricia Ale. She is hungarian. The article made this mistake. I usually meet her when she attends competition. This year IMCA Agility and Paragility Championshim was organized in Patricia's and my country, Hungary. Furthermore MEDIVID Cup is another location for Paragility and I was lucky to meet Patricia personally also on this competition.
This was such a touching video....loved the cheers from the audience for this boy. Loved the loyalty of the dog waiting for the boy. There was a lot of love & support...God Bless all those who cheered and of course the boy and his dog....Amazing!
Denice Thibaut What he hell is your problem? We don't need negative comments here where something positive is being shown! Just go away!
I had never seen this before and as I can see by the comments it has been around awhile. So many heroes in this clip. The dog, the young boy handler, the man helping the boy around the course, the men waiting at the end to congratulate with pure joy and they did not forget to praise the dog. Such and inspiring little film. I have done agility with my Rottie and it is no easy task for those of us who have all our physical capabilities. I say kudos to all involved, from the dogs to the ones putting this on well done and I salute all of you.
Very touching and does show the amazing ability of dogs and handlers. For this young boy it must have been an amazing day. That shepherd done the breed proud indeed. Thank you for video.
Oh, and Denice? That is a rather stinky thing to say. Do better.
Mercy sakes. What a gorgeous little film. Tears. Lovely.
Denice, you misunderstood I think. This is a paragility. Meaning all contestants are physically challenged. Human contestants. And if it was this boy who trained this dog, he deserves to win in any category, I think. As things go, this is a contest between equals. And now I want us to remember the South African sprinter at the Olympics this summer. Who qualified among thousands of runners - with both his legs amputated.
Brought tear to my eye as well! What an awesome dog! NOW someone tell me they are not the most beautiful souls there are in this world!
This dog understood not only the agility course but the fragility of his young handler. This dog never once moved ahead, too fast, but waited patiently for his young master to " guide" him to each obstacle. As these dogs are usually trained to run these courses in the shortest time possible, racing from obstacle to obstacle, this dog showed great restraint and respect for his young handler's pace. You cannot teach a dog compassion. That Shepherd has compassion in spades! A Gold Medal run!
What is the song playing? It's just beautiful. The whole video made me cry. Who cares who wins. That kid is a winner and that dog is awesome.
Touching, but if you lost and this boy won because he is disabled you wouldn't think it was so great. Really shows how our dogs respect us you can see him checking out his person. God Bless them
amazing!!!!!! thank you so much for sharing!!
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