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Brave woman risks her life to save dog from drowning in icy lake

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | December 15, 2012 | Comments (4)


a dog who fell through the ice was saved by a woman

Lynn McGarvey risked her life to save a dog she doesn't know from drowning in icy waters. On Monday afternoon the nurse was at home when a man urgently knocked at her front door. He asked her if she had a black dog and she told him her four dogs were in her backyard. He then told her there was a dog who had fallen through the ice and was in trouble. 

Lynn said she ran around her Kalispell, Montana neighborhood trying to find someone with a rope or ladder to slide out onto the ice but she could not find anyone. After a few minutes, she found two young men offered her a rope. She went behind her property to the water where the dog was trapped. 

"We had called 911 about three times, but no one had shown up," Lynn told the Daily Inter lake. "The other lady said the dog had been in the water for 15 minutes, and you could tell he was exhausted. That was when I said, 'I'm not going to witness this.'"

She put on a life jacket, tied the rope around her waist and had the people helping her hold the other end of of the rope. She waded out into the icy water to the dog. When she reached him he growled a little bit so she went up behind him and put the leash underneath his collar and slid it through. She then pulled to dog towards her and the pair were pulled back to shore.

Back on land, Lynn wrapped the dog up in a blanket and warmed him back up. Lynn said. "I would do it again, for anyone or any animal - wild or tame - any time. That’s just me."

The dog was happily reunited with his worried owner soon after. Apparently the dog had escaped his home before being spotted in in the water.


(Photo above is not the dog rescued in this story.)




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Comments on this Article

God Bless You, Lynn McGarvey. It's so refreshing to hear stories of people who do anything - especially something this risky - to help those who can't help themselves. It's nice to know there are people who still care about other living, breathing creatures.
Emergency responders who will not respond to these kind of emergencies are putting lives at risk. If this woman lost her life going in that water after calling 911, with no response, do you think emergency responders wouldn't bare some culpability. You have to ask yourself, do people in that community have to band together and create there own emergency response, because emergency responders will not respond. In other communities in the United States and Canada, they will respond to these types of emergencies. They realize that people will put their lives at risk to save a family member ( their dog ). I realize that some rural communities have limited resources, and may have protocols in place if they are already active on another call. But if the problem persists unchecked, there will come a time when that community suffers a real tragedy. I know my post is reliant on the information I have from this article. I don't know if there was a late response from 911 in this case, or if there were other circumstances I am not aware of.
u are a true hero to rescue that dog, god bless you always and forever.
Great story! We should all follow Ms. McGarvey's extraordinary example. After all, dogs would do anything to help us, why would not we do the same to our best friends? On the side note, the article does well on its own merit without having a picture of a dog that is not even the related subject of the article.
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