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Loyal dog protects his unconscious owner on busy street (VIDEO)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | December 11, 2012 | Comments (24)

Loyal dog stays by his unconscious owner

A small white dog protected his owner on a busy city street in China after the man fainted while crossing the road. The small dog is visibily upset and barked at police and paramedics when they tried to get close to the unconscious man.

People managed to successfully distract the dog so paramedics could lift the man into the ambulance. Once he was secured, the paramedics let the little dog into the back of the ambulance so he could stay by his owner's side and ride with him to hospital.

Loyal dog stays by his unconscious owner's sideLoyal dog stays by his unconscious owner's side
Dog guarding owner who fainted while crossing the road.

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Comments on this Article

I'm worried about the status of this dog. I hope this dog made it the next day alive and not end up on a dinner plate.
Sure looks like a gash on his back to me. Poor baby.
And they want to get rid of dogs in China! big dogs that is... seems like they have a one dog policy or something of that sort.
Sorry but if you watch the video you can see someone PICK UP THE WHITE DOG AFTER THEY MOVE HIM BACK STICK WITH THE STICK. And the puppy has a GASH ON ITS BACK . That is why they are trying to blur the dogs back. Watch again for people who doubt
Saw that too... I think they hurt the dog that is why they are trying to hide it or blur when they were pulling him and when he is jumping up the ambulance
way to go puppy!
So good of the medics to let the little doggie ride with its owner. I wonder if we would do that here in the states. I think they would have taken him to a shelter or something. Nothing bad happening here, all good as far as I can see. :0)
I wish that China would learn to be more respectful of animals. Its unfortunate that there is apart of the society that has little or no regard for animals. They treat dogs worse the cattle, very sad situation. I do hope that we get an up date on the owner/dog in the near future.
No one hurt the dog. The marks on his back are from him chewing and licking that area. Most likely from fleas given the location of the discoloration. The enzymes in the saliva cause the rust colored marks. I see it all the time in my groom shop. You couldn't see it at first because of the angle of the camera.
the mark on the dog's back is from running under the ambulance...it's grease, nothing more.
I wonder if the gash everyone is talking about is from before and how the man fell....because you never know... no one really "helps" or tells truth if there was an accident. He might of either gotten upset about his dog and passed out or he was hit.. who knows? BUT I am glad that the dog was there to look after it's master. Aww so cute...
someone did hurt that poor pooch :'( at the dogs back there is something on it its like a wound :(
Wow, the dog started off clean and white and by the end of the video had a huge open gash down the lower section of its back, WTF??? I just hope the dog didn't end up on someone's dinner plate, dog slaughter is common on China. If the dog was here in the US, trigger happy cops scared of their own shadows would have shot it. It's a no win for the poor dedicated pup. I hate the F'ing human race!!!
To those already talking about the mark on the dog's back - the mark was already there, and is clearly visible while the dog is still next to his owner. The dog was NOT hit, just gently moved out of the way so the medics could get the man into the ambulance. I suggest watching both versions of this video, not just the one in English.
GET A CLUE, U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLIES! This is the proper way to handle a person in need of medical attention, and their loyal dog. Praise to the Chinese paramedics for their compassion to dog and man!!
Humans should be so loyal. Just glad they didn't shoot the dog like they would have here in the US. I hope the person who hit the dog is dealt with.
Victoria,, I had to view video again and I finally saw the dog being hit to stay away like you said. Thanks for bringing that up. I was too busy watching the owner on the ground..however I did notice the gash on the dogs back. Poor dog agonizing and worrying about his owners safety and no one there REALLY with compassion to understand that. A miracle they left the dog go on the ambulance but too bad we dont know what happened when doors were closed :(
guess y'all didn't notice the guy/gal with the stick keeping the dog away or the fact that the deep gash in the dogs back was blurred out on some of the shots. so I wouldn't be all that rah rah
I really hope this changes the perspective a lot of people in China have about dogs. They've never experienced how loving they are as companions
It does make you wonder how this situation would have been handled here in the U.S. Would the dog have been quite so judiciously managed or simply pepper sprayed and gobbled up by Animal Control for a quick trip to the pound. Sadly, so many dogs are mishandled by errant cops who over react to situations they misread as threatening and they promptly dispatch the dogs with a 3-4-5 shots. Unfortunately, they aren't proficient enough with their weapons, to kill the animal with a single shot to the brain, and their ineptness causes undue pain and suffering to the poor animals as they are left to simply exsanguinate or bleed to death in excruciating pain. Thankfully, some cities and municipalities are rethinking their policies and retraining their officers to handle the situations differently. This is good news and hopefully more communities will follow the lead and these kinds of killings will become the exception, rather than commonplace.
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