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Paralyzed Bulldog takes his very first steps thanks to prosthetic legs (VIDEO)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | November 16, 2012 | Comments (15)

Spenser received prosthetics so he can walk for the first time

Spencer is a 2-year-old Bulldog, who has been paralyzed in his back legs since he was a puppy. His veterinarian suspects he became paralyzed either from being dropped or from abuse. His guardian, Linda Heinz, found him on her doorstep and took him in. The curious dog has never gotten a chance to walk around like a regular dog.

Linda said he's always been at her feet pleading to be lifted up and carried around to explore the world. Westcoast Brace and Limb took on the challenge to help Spencer walk for the first time. They equipped him with custom braces outfitted with green Crocks for "feet". He took to the prosthetics instantly and ran up and down the hallways at the clinic until he tired himself out.

Spenser enjoys his first walk with his buddy Porkchop

Soon after, he got to enjoy his first walk on his own with his buddy Porkchop the blind pig. Linda says Spencer is "the happiest creature you'll ever meet. He wakes up happy. He never has a bad moment."

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Comments on this Article

That is so good of the family! They are awesome people to go to that extend to provide quality of life. They truly do walk the walk.
I agree Lesley without specific knowledge of what is paralyzed or how there's no way someone could fully understand the situation, We've had lots of friends with ms and similar ailments or injuries that needed to figure out how to walk but it is possible. I also agree they could've used children's crocs perhaps to give him smaller feet but maybe the larger crocs provide more stability :)
To Dan Hetland- my husband has paralised legs from m.s. He walks by throwing his legs from his hips. He is able to "lock " his knees in order to do this. I imagine that is how the dog does it as well. I wonder why his crocs are so big? is that more helpful for traction? it seems that it would be ackward. i am so glad it worked in any case.
Awww bless him, it's lovely to see Spencer scampering up and down but his shoes look a little big for him. The main thing is that he's happy.
Oh what an awesome story! The lil guy can finally live w/o constant aid now! Great story!
As if one could teach a dog to pretend and to walk funny!!
@Dan Hetland who pissed in your cheerios? It's a dog walking for the first time, take it for what it is.
Could someone explain to me how leg braces and pair of crocs have anything to do with paralysis, much less are able to correct the condition to the point of the dog being able to scamper up and down the halls? I hate to rain on the parade, but either the dog wasn't actually paralyzed or there is more to the story than is being reported here. Braces may help if the dog is simply relying on gravity to control the swing of his legs back and forth and the crocs give him added cushion, but they certainly haven't cured his paralysis as one is led to believe in the story.
The cutest crocs ever!!
Spencer - you the man! Linda - you rock big time! Fantastic stuff!
This is so amazing! God Bless his owners for taking him in and loving him so much! He is so adorable I would not be able to stop loving and hugging on such a sweet face. This story gives me tears of joy because his life is going to be so much better now that he will be able to explore the world around him! The people that made his prosthesis are angels!
God bless those kind hearted, this makes me cry
Lovely! Tnx for sharing! God bless Spencer and his family!!
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