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Woman who tortured and poisoned her boyfriend's dog faces up to 5 years in jail

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | October 25, 2012 | Comments (37)

WARNING: Some readers may find content in the article disturbing.

Mary was tortured to death by her owner's girlfriendA 20-year-old woman is facing up to 5 years in jail and a $30,000 fine for severely abusing her boyfriend's dog over a period of months and eventually killing the German Shepherd-Labrador mix named Mary. 

Police suspect Sean D. Janas killed the dog in June by poisoning her with Draino, bleach and unidentified pills and slitting then dog's throat.

The criminal complaint stated that neighbors told police they had heard Janas yelling at the dog and hitting Mary with the leash. Drug abuse may have also been a factor. Janas also appears to have kept a disturbing journal detailing months of torture. She detailed her hatred of the dog and her desire to kill the dog, revelling in the dog's pain and suffering. 

Sean Janas faces prison time for killing her boyfriend's dogOne entry supposedly said,"I just want to beat her till she [expletive] dies. Which I mean I have beat her I mean. I tell you I don't care how long it takes, I'm just gonna keep feeding her pills and [expletive] till she croaks." 

Another reads: "I have never hated an animal so much in my life. Much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove Drano and bleach down her throat is like no other."

At the time Mary died there wasn't enough evidence to establish who had killed her. The dog was a cremated before an examination could be done. But the discovery of Janus' diary gave them the evidence they needed to go forward with the case.

Janas is charged with felony for mistreatment of animals and two misdemeanours charges. Many in the Wausau, Wisconsin region and across North America have been deeply upset by the case. 

An online petition has been set up here: https://www.change.org/petitions/serve-maximum-allowable-judicial-punishment-for-animal-cruelty-in-the-state-of-wisconsin.

The petition will be sent to Marathon County Circuit Judge Greg Grau and Marathon County Assistant District Attorney LaMont Jacobson, encouraging officials to pursue the maximum penalty for Janus' case and every other animal cruelty case in the state.

Update: November 13, 2012 - Mary's Law Proposed

A dog who was allegedly tortured to death by Sean Janus, has prompted Marathon County Animal Control Task Force to push forward with a proposed law, they now are calling Mary's Law.

Since August, the county has been without humane officers, after Marathon County Humane Society ended its contracts.

The proposed law recommends the county move forward with a plan to hire three humane officers for full time duty. The proposal would increase pet-licensing fees nominally in order to cover salaries for officers to work from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week.

The task force has been working on Mary's law since August, but it gained more urgency when Mary's case came to light.

"Certainly, Mary’s case highlighted the frustration many were already feeling over the lack of a working humane officer in Marathon County," said Wausau City Council member Keene Winters. "If you don't have anyone to answer the call, you can't investigate or prevent possible abuse."

Marathon County dispatchers receive nearly 2000 calls each year on pet-related concerns. Most calls are reports of barking dogs or nuisance animals. But Winters points out, "You never know when the next barking dog could be the next Mary."

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Comments on this Article

So I really hope that it is not up to law enforcement to monitor this woman later, the community really needs to do that, keep a close watch on her. What was she sentenced to, & where is she serving it, assuming that she is....really needs to be watched from the moment of release.
5 years would be a start (of course she would more than likely only serve 2-2.5 years of that).... but she needs MASSIVE fines that are garnished from her earnings (and jailtime when she does not work & stay in compliance with the fine schedule).... and to NEVER EVER under any circumstances be allowed to own an animal, or to share residence with an animal owned by anyone else! and she definitely needs to be spayed before she has a baby to harm ... or to raise in her own image to harm others..... just sayin'
How on earth can you hate a dog that has done NOTHING. If a dog bit me, I would be scared of it and have a big dislike for it but NEVER EVER would I torture a dog. How despicable must you get to torture an INNOCENT animal for months and then to kill her by slitting her throat!!!! I don't give a rats *ss about drug abuse this woman needs to be locked up for a long long time. A poor innocent soul was tortured and murdered when will we start valueing an animals life the same as a human life.
only 5 years? does anyone understand if you can do this to an animal they will do it to a child or an elderly person who gets in their way
she must also the suffering of poor dog she killed,its not normal what she does,lock in prison is nt enough she also had death sentnce,really facts that shes a killer!!
I cannot, for the life of me, understand how anyone could even think about doing something like this to an animal. How can you "hate" a dog so much? They live in the moment and will forgive you for torturing them or whatever the worst thing you can think of is.
we do the same for this criminal like she killed poor Mary!
i have to agree with Ana D. Cruz, but give her double the dose... what a dispicable human being......5 years or less and a 30.000 dollar fine isnt enough for her.....lock her up and give us doglovers the key so we can give her her daily draino and bleach cocktail.
I hope she dies a slow agonizing death
I don't want to think if that boyfriend that GOD knows where he was on first place would have children, sounds to me she was jealous of this poor dog. Unfortunately the chances of her doing it again are greater, and a human being could be next.
The tragedy is, despite what we as humans would wish on Janus, Mary the dog would have forgiven her... as is the way of dogs, and would have been loyal to her, for only a kind word. Obviously Mary tried... Janus and her master failed her. Animal cruelty should merit the harshest of sentences. A pity that hard labor and bread & water are no longer allowed.
she could do this to another innocent dog or child!!, just 5 years? this "woman" is a monster
My this woman get all she deserves in this life and the next. Good thing she can't throw a football or Roger Goodell would have her playing for the Eagles and Nike would sponsor her.
I agree with Leeza. What this monster did stands on its own - the offense against this poor dog is enough - regardless of how the perpetrator's behavior is towards human beings. In my opinion, she should be locked away for life, same as if she had killed a human. I remember seeing a video on the news of what Osama bin Laden did to test his poison on a dog - will never forget that image/sorry I saw it - he tortured the dog - just like this @#$%$#@.
Frankly, though, some of the comments here are scary and don't reflect well on the posters. I'm just saying. They don't follow the guidelines for comments that I see at the top of this box I'm typing in.
i had a 110pound german shepard dog named baron who i loved very much was i beleave posiond by a sick evil neighbor.he ate at 430pm and went out for a hour in his own yard and by 12am was dead on my kitchen floor.this ripped out my heart and tore my soul forever.i was 17 at the time and had no clue who done it till my mother who was dieing at the time told me..i feel 'very' sad for this person who lost there pet.this sick person should suffer the same fate.5 years isnt hardly long enough.
People like this should get extinct. Seriously. 5 years (if not less) is not a solution.. she will get out of there and continue her mission. I would love to make something painful to her or...excuse me...."fun" and "entertaining", as she did to that poor fellow.
Unreal, what an evil child with issues; make sure there is a stipulation that she cannot have animals.
I'd like to feed her something.....like her heart.............oops, sorry I forgot, she doesn't have one!! She should be sent to the worst prison imaginable in the world and then forgotten about
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