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Devastated homeless man asks for help after his dog taken away from him

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | October 12, 2012 | Comments (37)

Devastated homeless man asks for help after his dog taken away from him

A homeless man in Kansas City, Missouri is heartbroken after his dog was taken away from him. Tony Pulliam says that he and his dog Seven were offered shelter by two women over the summer during the extreme heat. He took them up on their offer and stayed at their home for awhile until one day they suddenly kicked him out and refused to give Seven back to him. They told him they gave Seven away to a relative.

"They said, 'No, you can’t have your dog,'" Pulliam told Fox4 News. "And the cops said, 'You have to take them to civil court because you have to prove that you didn’t give them the dog.'"

Tony has been devastated since. 'He was my buddy," said Tony, "he was my friend." He just wants his friend back and is hoping he can get help. He said, "I don’t function without my friend...I don’t even want to get up in the morning."

His friend Don Faudel said it's not right what the two women did. Don helps Tony out from time to time and took Seven to the groomer for a flea bath recently. He said Seven was always fed and always happy and wagging his tail. "Tony always seemed to take good care of him," said Don. Now Don wants to help his friend get his dog. "I just don’t understand how anybody could decide that anyone is not worthy of owning their dog. He took good care of his dog."

Some of Don's friends and fellow animal lovers plan to help too. Brenda Berger said, "As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover — just because it was unconventional, doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve the dog," she said.

The following is listed on the Kansas City Craigslist

Stolen - from a homeless man who loves his buddy (GLADSTONE - RAYTOWN) Date: 2012-10-10, 9:26AM CDT

We are looking for a Homeless mans dog , Our friend befriended a person in GLADSTONE who basically stole his dog and then re-homed him , We had known this man and his dog for a few years and KNOW THAT He would have done anything for his dog , he loved him unconditionally , as did the dog ! Please help us locate the dog , we have found out that the dog was re-homed to someone in RAYTOWN , so if you know of someone recently getting a new dog in Raytown please inquire and find out if it may be our friends dog , I understand your saying the dog is better off without his homeless buddy but that is NOT TRUE at all , just think if someone took away one of your animals how would it make you feel and this is this mans last real possession in the world. He is devastated by this and were just hoping he can pull thru and keep going. We know where he was and have tried to get them to tell us but , they will not , saying the dog is better off now where he is and if they only knew this man like we do they would know its killing both the dog and the man being separated , they were together for the past 8 years 24 hours a day 7 days a week . Imagine how your heart would hurt from this devastation please any help is a good start , also we are looking for a ANIMAL LOVING ATTORNEY to help Him take these rotten people to Civil court.

Thank you !

P.S. this is a picture of the dog right after we got him groomed and flea dipped , this dog is loved and was well taken care of ,don't let the fact that the man was homeless fool you , he is not a drunk or druggie , I have know him for a few years and just a man down on his luck who loved his dog and his dog loved him you could see it when you talked to him and his dog would never leave his side


Fox4 News did try to reach the two women for comment but could not get a hold of them. An anonymous donor is offering a $200 reward for the return of Seven to Tony. If anyone has seen Seven or may know where Seven is, they are asked to call Don Faudel at (816) 606-4114.

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Comments on this Article

i know the whole story , if you want to know it too just call me at 816-606-4114 Don
I think these women must be related to my brother. Sounds like his m/o.
That is his dog. Simple and plain.
I see no one is guarding "The TROLL bridge " !!!! ( going by the first several comments !!)Have some common sense and educate yaselves ...seriously you think that this mans best friend is not grieving and highly stressed not to have his master and all he knows with him... suddenly ripped from his side.. This man and his canine child do not need a mansion .. this does not deem someone incapable of responsible pet ownership... love is all that this dog wants n needs and will do wotever to acheive this.... obvious he is being fed, groomed and vetted... keep it real.. nobody has the right to take matters into their own hands and decide on a matter that clearly hurts all involved.. with no valid reason or evidence..Theft plain n simple
what is are world coming to when someone else thinks they know whats best for someone elses dog the police need to stand up and do there job and make these women get his dog back to him
Virginia Smith, PUSH THIS FORWARD!!!!
Ha! Mr. Fokker is a riot... I'm not even going to honor his hilarious comment with a debate... there are so many things wrong with it... in fact, it's so far beyond ridiculous.. that the light from "ridiculous"... takes 10 billion years to reach it... hahahahhhahhaha! ...oh wait... nope... he's right... here in my copy of the Constitution it says I have the right to take someone's "stuff" away from them if I believe they're not capable of taking care of it properly by my standards... oh, oh, oh,... I apologize profusely... hahahhahhahhaaha!!!!!
If the man is homeless, it is doubtful that he was able to take proper care of the dog. I support the women who took the dog away, they did the right thing. Homeless people can't even take care of themselves, they have NO BUSINESS using an animal for companionship and offering them nothing in return but a life of hardship. Go two women who took the dog!
Everyone, especially @Virginia Smith, please list all of the details of your efforts to help reunite Seven with Tony, including the names of every rescue group, links to petitions and ChipIns. I can update this article or write a new one and help get the word out and more supporters on board. You can PM me here. Thanks!
This is so sad! He deserves that dog, those women are terrible people!
Viginia... awesome! ...was just thinking, maybe there was some nice dog loving lawyer person who could get involved and sort out the legal stuff... but I believe it's possible that the dognapping duo may have schemed the whole thing to begin with, maybe thinking nobody would notice or care because of the gentleman's residential status... i'm feeling good that he'll get his dog back...
Petition anyone?
I pray Tony get his dog back. He more than deserves too.
If this baby was not being mistreated, neglected, or had ill health, No-ONE had the right to take him from the man that he loves. PERIOD.
While I agree this is a tragedy, the sad thing is, unless he can PROVE the dog belongs to him (papers, vet bills ect), it's likely that he won't get the dog back legally. dogs are still considered by the law as property and not "family". This whole thing is wrong in soo damn many ways.
Why did the women take him in then kick him out? Does anyone know the whole story?
somebody make a website or facebook page for Tony... something creative to help put these "nice" ladies in the limelight... give them the publicity they deserve for being so "nice"... get their names, they saw the cops, it's public record, find out where they go to church, where they shop, where they play... put a Lost Dog ad in the local paper, or online classifieds... post signs in the supermarkets and convenience stores, etc... "last seen with ladydogthief smith and her partner ladydogthief jones" ...etc... if possible get their photos... yep... make 'em popular... they deserve it for being so "nice"... some people are just born and destined to create evil...
This man has the right to his dog just as much as the next person. If I lived in your area, I would keep an eye out for seven and if he is spotted..take him back !!! Steal him away for Tony !! But I don't live there, so there for I can only hope that Karma bites them in the ass and I will be doing my best to assure that these two bitches get everything they deserve..trust me..!!!!!
@ Virginia Smith.. Is there some way to help this man? This story is truly disgusting to me! This dog was probably his only purpose in life- his reason for going on.. makes me sick
This wrong!! That dog could be the only thing that that man has to love in the world! There are many homeless people that own dogs and it gives them purpose. The dog obviously healthy and happy looking at the picture. This poor man -A VET- tried to help his dog from the heat and these women took his dog? Give this man his dog back!! He has lost everything and you take the one thing that shows him unconditional love??? I am outraged!!
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