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Puppies protected by their mother in house blaze are saved by firefighters

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | October 11, 2012 | Comments (16)

Shai protected her pups from a house fire

A mother dog ran back into a house fire to save her puppies as her guardian watched helplessly on. Thankfully, firefighters got the dog and her puppies safely out of the blaze, which destroyed a two-storey home.

Sarah Mills was at her home in Calgary, Alberta on Wednesday morning when the fire broke out. She smelled smoke and ran out of the home with her two adult pit bulls. But as soon as they were outside, Shai, her 2-year-old female pit bull, ran back into the blaze to fetch her 9 puppies, who she had just given birth to 4 weeks ago.

Sarah Mills, upset by the house fire
Sarah Mills looks on as firefighters fought home blaze. Photo: Colleen De Neve, Calgary Herald

Sarah tried to run after Shai but she was stopped by firefighters. Fire crews went to the garage where the puppies were being kept and found Shai covering her pups to protect them from the fire. The firefighters placed coats and blankets over the pups and carried them to safety, along with Shai.

Sarah shed tears of relief when firefighters emerged with all her dogs safe and sound. Shai and her puppies were all taken to a veterinary clinic for checkups.

Firefighters were thankful the dogs had been in the garage otherwise, they said, there may have been a completely different outcome.

Via Calgary Herald

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Comments on this Article

I am so glad no one was hurt in the fire but, like others here, I have to urge Sarah to get Shai spayed. Pit bulls are usually the first breed of dog put down when shelters start getting full. At our local shelter pit bulls make up almost half of the population. It is insane to be breeding more of them in this day and age.
im sorry there way too many things i dont like about this story (from the human end) .. first of all mummy pitbull looks way too unhealthy, her ribs showing and her tits hanging from breastfeeding too much... secondly it is obvious they are using the mummy for breeding purposes and that's just sad (i mean how would you like everytime you have kids your kids be taken away from you and sold away?). thirdly the mummy is way too worried for her pups, you can tell this as she keeps on looking back and is unsettled. fourthly i dont think its funny for the camera guy to say that they should take one of the pups and give em to the firefighters as a reward.. after all she's just been through. GRRR i hate humans!!
You guys have to remember animals lose weight when breast feeding. She probably doesn't realize she needs to feed momma more. All her food and energy is going to making milk for the pups. And don't just assume she is a breeder or anything. You don't know the story.
Even if the mommy dog is a recent rescue (as someone here theorized and one I find hard to believe because that would have been mentioned in this report), it still doesn't explain why mum is clearly underweight. While I'm glad that everyone is safe, the underweight unspayed mommy dog issue needs to be investigated.
Sarah Mills should stop dog breeding cos mummy dog looks thin and it is very obvious she gave births so many time..
I also think this mama dog needs veterinary attention. Her teats are gorged and she's very thin. That didn't happen as a result of the fire - that is longstanding. Sarah needs to be more responsible and have her dog spayed.
The woman may have adopted the dog and Shai was already pregnant. No one knows. I'm just glad the all the dogs are safe.
Yes, I too agree with Dan and Darrin. Either she's a breeder or is just letting that poor dog have pups and then have to look for good homes for them. Something not right here. Please spay and neuter your animals. So many out there needing homes. Be responsible, please!!!
Like everyone else, I'm glad everyone made it through the blaze unscathed, but again like most of the other bloggers, there are more than enough pit bull puppies and adults running around, so much so that there are efforts to eradicate them. I don't agree with that, but please spay and neuter your pets. They already kill 4.5 million animals a year in the US, why should anyone want to contribute more to that already atrocious number of deaths.
9 puppies???? Someone needs to tell the owner to get momma pit fixed. Millions of animals are euthanized every year partly because of BYB's!!
Mama pit's ribs are showing. Sarah Mills needs to quit breeding.
oh bless her such a good mummy,glad they are all ok.
Im glad everyone is fine..puppies and all... but not sure how I feel about it.. momma pittie is gorgeous.
There are a lot of unanswered questions to this story. It's good to see everyone is alright.
Mother Love is the ultimate kind!!! Glad to know everyone is all right.
I'm so glad that all the puppies and the mother was safe
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