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Veterinarians successfully reattach stray puppy's hacked snout after Good Samaritan saves him

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | October 09, 2012 | Comments (23)

Kenneth's snout was successfully reattached

Kenneth, a stray puppy whose snout was viciously hacked off but still attached to his face, was found and rescued by a triskikad (tricycle) driver in Talisay City in Cebu, Philippines on September 29.

The driver, named Jan-jan Solon, had heard from a fellow driver about the stray with his snout dangling beneath his jaw and felt bad for the dog. He decided to bring the dog home to care for him. The dog's wounds were at least 10 days old when Jan-jan took him in.

Jan-jan bathed, fed and took care of the dog. He was ridiculed by his neighbours for taking in the injured dog when those in the neighbourhood, including Jan-jan himself, have difficulties feeding and providing for themselves, but Jan-jan was determined to care for the puppy.

Kenneth is a stray puppy found with a hacked snout and saved

A few days later, his nephew, Michael, was visiting and took a photo and posted it to Facebook asking for someone that may be able to help Kenneth. This got the attention of Guilliam Roque, the president of a local rescue, the Cebu South Dog Club. Guilliam came to visit Jan-jan and to see how he could help with Kenneth. He immediately contacted Island Rescue Organization (IRO) president Nena Herandez and the two decided their rescues would partner to help care for the badly-injured dog.

They took Kenneth to the Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital where veterinarians assessed Kenneth's condition. After days of tests, the vets determined they could operate and reattach and repair the damage to Kenneth's snout.

The two rescue organizations mobilized to help raise funds for Kenneth's operation and thanks to social networking and volunteer efforts, they received donations from hundreds of people, enabling Kenneth's surgery to go forward on Monday. The challenging four-hour surgery was a success!

Within just a day of Kenneth's surgical reconstruction surgery he was eating well and resting. The dog will go to Island Rescue Organization's facilities where he can be tended to by Doc Keith, an American DMV who volunteers for the group and will administer post-surgical care for Kenneth.

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO TO FOLLOW (images are blurred but may be disturbing to some viewers). Video is in Tagalog language.

Update October 10, 2012

The Cebu South Dog Club published this update on Kenneth on their Facebook page:

Representatives from CSDC, IRO, IRO Legal Team and the Vet Med team were gathered @ChickeNamit (Mabolo, Cebu City), 4PM; for a Press Conference as to update on Kenneth's condition and operation and plans. Below is a SUMMARY of notes as per taken by the Cebu South Dog Club Inc.'s Secretary Erika Jean Arreza Portila:

Dr. Guille Zialcita (Team Lead of Kenneth's Surgical Operation - On medical aspect, not actual statement but summary): Kenneth is on his healing process. He eats well and (Dr. Guile) is happy to observe that every time he approaches and opens Kenneth's cage, the dog wags his tail of happiness and excitement despite his condition, which is a very good sign. The metal braces attached on his face serves as temporary attachment to help the surgical wounds in completely healing. The swelling from the snout is continuing to deflate and am (Dr. Guile) very optimistic that Kenneth's recovery, if not completely and as good as before will soon be realized. The ACTUAL documentary video during the surgical operation of Kenneth is STRICTLY for Veterinary Medicine Academe purposes. 

JOINT standing regarding the actual surgical video documentation: The actual surgical video will not be shown, shared, published or broadcasted to any entity EXCEPT for Veterinary Medicine Academic purposes and in the mutual consent of Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital, CSDC and IRO if for other purposes. 

Atty. Ena Ybañez (Team Lead of IRO Legal Team - On Legal aspect, not actual statement but summary): Regarding Kenneth's alleged perpetrator, the IRO Legal Team will be pushing a due processed investigation and will coordinate with the government or the Talisay City Vet for finding the person responsible of Kenneth's hacked snout. Even though we are glad that Kenneth, through Jan-jan(Roberto SOlon) has been found, medicated and on his way to complete healing, the person responsible to his gruesome fate will not go free without being punished of his cruelty.

Nena Hernandez (President of IRO - On the stand of IRO, not actual statement, summary): When asked by the press whats the plan for Kenneth when he recovers: When completely recovered, Kenneth will be for strict screening for re-homing to people who are interested and are qualified to adopt/re-home. The possibility of bringing him back to his previous location is risky and is somehow traumatic for the dog since that was were he was being abused and neglected.

Lindon Pedolin (Vice-President of CSDC - On the stand of CSDC, as AFFIRMED by CSDC President to be its stand and to be one and the same): When the press asked why CSDC didnt approached the Talisay Government and instead approached IRO: The reason why our club (CSDC) didn't approach for help from the government of the City of Talisay was because we don't happen to believe that they(Talisay LGU) can immediately, efficiently and effectively give a response and assistance to address our concern to Kenneth. Chances are our request for assistance will JUST be ignored, despite Kenneth's rare condition. they(Talisay City Hall) even booted us out or our very own DOG CLUB from entering the City Hall's premises, primarily because of our dogs. even though Talisay City is the hometown of Cebu South Dog Club Inc. and the club gathers in Talisay City Hall's grounds as early as 2009 during sundays; with RECENT changes in our city's administration and its lack of support to our club we simply cannot expect a favorable response from them. specially we are expecting a swift and speedy action to address Kenneth's medical care. 

the club (CSDC), having limited resources(no shelter, limited funding) has always been partnering with IRO in rescue cases like this. we already have a good and established experience in joint efforts with IRO. we were in a hurry to address Kenneth's case, we cant afford to lose time going to our government(talisay city lgu) since we already expect we will just be disappointed. 

Roberto Solon (Kenneth's foster owner, not actual statement, summary): What made me adopt Kenneth was more of pity and concern for the dog. Other people around called him gross names because of his rare physical condition and because he already smells so bad. So, what I did was take him home riding in my trisikad, gave him something to eat which he eagerly finished and gave him a bath for like 4 times within almost 6 days he was with me. I couldn't endure the thought of him being beaten up again or be caught up in an accident roaming in the dangerous streets and out of nothing, I just took the lad home safely.

*Following the 3 hour press conference, the media were accompanied to Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital to take a record (videos and photos) of Kenneth's current medical condition.

** CSDC President Guilliam Roque, was not present during press conference and was represented by its Vice-President acting in his capacity in Guilliam's absence. the CSDC President AFFIRMS the CSDC stand and statement above as his(guilliam's) own stand and that of CSDC. 

~Erika Portila

CSDCi Secretary

Update October 11, 2012

Three days after surgery, here is a video of Kenneth enjoying his meal as he starts to eat normally once again.

Dr. Guille Zialcita, Chief Surgeon and Team Lead of Kenneth's Surgical Team says, "Kenneth beginning to eat normally, starting to use his upper jaw and beginning to CHEW but he is still on a soft diet and will continue to be until his maxilla heals completely."

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Comments on this Article

May God's curse be upon the life of the evil person who committed this atrocity!
Roberto Solon (Kenneth's foster owner) is a hero! Given his own economic situation he still took it upon himself to help Kenneth and showed incredible compassion for this poor dog's situation. I wish there was some way to give him a reward or recognition. He is what I call an "ubermensch" or an extraordinary human being. God Bless him and Kenneth and all who have helped.
God bless these people, really
God Bless n Thanks to Jan Jan n all the rescuers. Thank You so much ! <3 n hug to Kenneth .
God bless Jan-Jan, the angels will smile upon you and precious Kenneth!
There are many heroes to this story but I would particularly commend the first man who took the dog off the streets, Jan-jan Solon. Here was a man who had very little himself but had the heart to save the dog. Without him, the rest of the story wouldn't have followed.
I also would love to see how he looks 100 percent healed up. I hope they do get some pics of him all healed up. He is such a sweet pup. Kenneth we are all rooting for you and behind you 100 percent. You have touched us all with your story. I am so SORRY this ungrateful SOB hurt you. He will get it one way or another I promise you. At least that is how God works in his way.... or at least Karma will get him back for doing that! LOVE you Kenneth!!!
Oh I am so glad that Kenneth was saved. I truly hope they can get who hurt Kenneth because that was just horrible thing to do to a dog... to anyone. It is amazing he survived this. I am so grateful that they could find someone to help with his injury and MAKE sure that he is rehomed in a GOOD home. VISIT them often and make sure Kenneth lives a long happy loving life. My gosh the things that they can survive... Since I joined this website... I have heard so many horrordenous things happening yet.. so many survived and some do die.... although the things I read and hear about... has opened my eyes and my heart. Dogs and cats are resilent animals. I was also abused so I can understand how they feel being harmed and hurt, left to rot and die. BUT to have a good person come to save them and a care of vets, foster parenting..... just makes the difference and gives me hope that there are people that are GOOD and honest to themselves that they would rather save the pets life no matter what, especially in Kenneth's case. HE survived!!! HE CONQUERED!!! and hes gonna live a long life.. he better!!! I am praying for him and his recovery. I will never forget him. EVER!!!
you know what? karma's a bitch - she really is. the guy who did that to the dog has a very very nasty surprise waiting for him. i hope it involves scorpions, razor blades, and an accidental fall into a vat of lemon juice.
I can't say what I want to say here. I have to censor myself, or I might end up in trouble while those who did this horrible, unconscionable deed would go unpunished. It is simply unbelievable, for me at least, that there are those who walk upright and have opposable thumbs, can do this to another living creature without compunction. What the hell is wrong with people? This is despicable. I can’t keep doing this to myself, every time I do, my blood pressure goes so dangerously high, my medication is worthless, and I place myself in danger of stroking out yet again. The people that do these horrible things to these poor defenseless creatures are actually going to kill me. I’d rather me than the animals.
Such a beautiful dog, so sad. I hope he is'nt in a lot of pain. Thankful for the good people that saved him.
My prayers and heart go out to that sweet baby. There seems to no limit to the cruelty man can commit.
Just disgusted and saddened that a human being could do such a horrible thing to a defenseless puppy. Thank God for the selfless acts of the rescuers and the vet that repaired it. I pray it heals well with no complications, little pain, and Kenneth finds a loving home where he will be forever loved. May karma come back around to the poor excuse for human beings that did this...they will be punished in the end.
May God bless all those that helped this angel
Omg... thank god for such a good man like jan jan, if it wasn't for him kenneth would have died, he had already suffered like that for 10 days god bless him and jan jan his rescuer. I hope the monster who did this horrific act to kenneth burns in he'll for eternity. Better yet jack his face off and let him/her suffer.!
Thanks be to God for saving this poor dog. There is alot Of crazies out there. I cannot believe someone is capable of doing Such a thing to this poor dog. How cruel. What Comes around goes around.
I find it incredible that the pup survived in the first place, and even more so that he didn't cry the entire time the video was being shot. It seems he knew these people were there to help! I also commend the doctors for doing the surgery PRO-BONO! Like, when do they ever?? So, KUDOS to the vets for that, and to Jen-Jen for stepping up and helping in the first place. Hats off to his young cousin that posted on FACEBOOK! And, many heart-felt wishes for peace in this pups life from here on out. The surgeon did a fantastic job sewing Kenneth back together.
I want to stay positive so I will start with...Praise God for Jan-Jan to have a heart and give care to this innocent beautiful baby. However, I have to believ my God has a special punishment for "people" ( I use that term loosely) that feel it is their right to hurt, torture and torment God's creatures! Back to being positive...my heart is warmed that there are peopel out there who will be these beautiful babies' voices!! In tears and my heart is breaking for what this poor baby had to go through. I agree with Shari!
Dear God, forgive us our trespasses. This is truly ATROCIOUS!!! God Bless the wonderful caregivers!!!
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