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Heroic Doberman Pinscher saved toddler's life by tossing her away from deadly snake

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | October 03, 2012 | Comments (12)

Khan saved Charlotte from a deadly snake bite

Khan's story is one of a heroic dog rescued from a shelter. Back in 2007, the rescued Doberman Pinscher was at his new home for just four days before he repaid his owners' kindness by saving their daughter from a deadly snake attack.

Seventeen-month-old Charlotte Svillcic was playing in the garden of her home in Cairns, Australia when Khan began to behave oddly. The dog had spotted a king brown snake, the world's third most venomous serpent, and the snake was readying to strike the girl from its hiding place beneath the family home.

What happened next was difficult for Charlotte's mother, Catherine to believe. "If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it," she said. "Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively towards Charlotte - and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn't working," Catherine said. So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a metre, like she was a rag doll."

Just as Khan had tossed Charlotte to safety, the snake darted out and bit Khan in the paw. "Charlotte looked pretty shocked and Khan screamed, like he'd been stabbed," said Catherine. It wasn't until afterwards that Catherine realized Khan had been attempting to get between her daughter and the snake before he threw her. Khan was rushed to the emergency hospital and administered anti-venom.

Thankfully, after one night of being very sick, Khan made a full recovery. The dog who had been unwanted just a week before was now "Khan the Wonder Dog" to his family. They knew for certain he had saved Charlotte's life by risking his own.





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Comments on this Article

and i think he looks *stunning* with his ears as they were intended to be!
risking his own life double over and saving more than just the tot's: how many owners would've immediately gone after the dog for being "aggressive", not even seeing the snake? thank goodness they kept their wits about them!
Khan, my hero! May you live long with your forever family! May they love you much and treat you with kindness! And maybe give you a steak or burger every now and then?
There ain't nuthin' finer than a rescue doggie! Khan knew exactly what he was doing and was not concerned about his own life. What a dog. I am glad he survived the bite, and wish him a beautiful and long life with his family!
God truly blessed this precious family! What awesome grace and mercy! Praise God for bringing that wonderful dog into their lives!
Thank God for doggie 6th sense! Charlotte says: "And the snake was this long...!"
Thank Goddess the only venomous snakes in the UK are politicians! Well done Khan ! :)
One other thing. Khan if you were my dog, you would be treated to some very fine dining.
Beautiful dog.....and their hero! Maybe they should rename him!
Khan is a true hero! So glad both he and Charlotte are fine now. Hopefully, they will live together for many years, sharing love and happiness!
Gratitude which knows no bounds....can't say the same for humans.
Way to go Khan ! I am glad Khan and Charlotte are ok. Khan you are a hero.
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