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Landscaper arrested for allegedly poisoning dogs to keep them off lawn

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | September 24, 2012 | Comments (9)

A bucket of hot dogs suspected of being poisoned with anti-freeze

Police have arrested a landscaper accused of poisoning dogs in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Kenneth Hyland, 53, is now in custody after neighbors claim they witnessed a landscaper purposely soaking hot dogs in a liquid believed to be anti-freeze and then leaving the meat out on the lawn in front of a commercial building. 

Chris O'Connell's dog became ill from eating a poisoned hot dogChris O'Connell, a dog owner living near the Brick Layers and Allied Craftsmen Union on Medford Street, says he walks his dog by the building nearly every day. His dog, Terry, became violently ill around six months ago after eating a piece of hot dog left in the same area. "He was throwing up and he was urinating all over the floor. He couldn’t get up to go outside and go to the bathroom," he told CBS Boston

Last week, Chris and his brother Ryan were out walking when they say they saw a landscaper soaking hot dogs in a bucket with a green liquid they believe was anti-freeze. When they confronted him and asked if he was poisoning the dogs, they say he answered, "the ones that won't stay off the grass."

Chris and Ryan picked up pieces of hot dog for testing and filed a report with Boston Police. As word got out, other neighbors in the area came forward claiming their dogs were also poisoned and they also had seen the landscaper with a bucket of hot dogs on earlier occasions.

Local dog owners believe the man was retaliating because some dog owners had not been cleaning their dogs' waste of the lawn.

Kenneth Hyland faces charges of poisoning dogs in BostonPolice investigated and arrested Kenneth Hyland last week. He appeared in Charlestown District Court on Monday where he denied the charges. Apparently Hyland is well known to police has two other open cases involving "violent crimes" as well as a record of 30 guilty convictions dating back to 1981. He is being held on $5000 bail and was ordered by the judge to stay away from Charlestown, the witnesses and animals.


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Comments on this Article

oh!! leaving them on the ground??--OMG....what an evil, evil man...well read his priors. That says it all..
I keep a close eye on my dog when I take her out. However, I can understand how some people wouldn't be able to. If they thought maybe they were sniffing the ground and then the next thing you know they have swallowed something, I can see that happening. Like someone said earlier, they are like toddlers. As for this a**hole, I hope he burns in hell!
He wasn't setting it out in the bucket, he was leaving it on the lawns. And dogs are like toddlers, like little vacuums. They have it in their mouth before you even know what they've done. Unfortunately, the meat would smell and taste sweet so they would be even faster in wolfing it down. I hope this story follows him and he never gets another customer.
A serial, dog-killer. What a crazy planet... glad they caught him at least.
Darn right~!
I agree about the vet bills! And banned from owning dogs.
I agree Darrin. Our doggies are like toddlers in the sense that the only way to find out what things are is by placing them in there mouth..so! we need to watch them with a vigilance when out and about..hope this creep gets what he deserves. Those doggie owners are lucky they didn't loose there babies..& the creep should be held responsible for the vet bills...
It is terrible that society has to deal with these nuts every once in a while. Never let your dogs eat or drink anything that you didn't give them.
It's refreshing to the the law protecting animals prevail!! However, if your walking your doggie on leash, why would you let them eat ANYTHING out of a sitting bucket??
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