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Formerly abandoned dog finds new home but refuses to live without his rescuer

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | September 20, 2012 | Comments (2)

Bones refused to leave his rescuer behind

A loyal dog named Bones couldn't bare to live without his rescuer as, a year and a half after he had been placed with a new onwer, he repeatedly to search for her.

Bones was rescued as a puppy from a roadside in North Georgia. Friends of Tracy Cranford had found him abandoned and starving and just "skin and bones". They took him to a vet who gave him little chance of surviving. Miraculously, Bones did survive. Tracy's friend Don Henson called her and asked for help, so she offered to take Bones in. 

Tracy told the Courier Herald, "I wasn't planning on having any pets" having decided against having any for a time. When Bones first came to live with Tracy, he was afraid and nervous. He did not take well to Tracy's fiancé Bill Adams and did not like to be confined. The couple suspect Bones was abused by a man and had been kept in a confined space before he was found. Tracy slowly worked with him and over time, Bones grew to trust the couple. 

Bones refused to leave his rescuer behindA while later, Tracy had to move across town from East Dublin to Dublin and her new home would not accommodate Bones well. This meant giving up the dog she had worked hard to rehabilitate. Knowing a close friend of hers would take excellent care of Bones, she re-homed him and visited him from time to time.  

But, 18 months after Bones was re-homed, he started to become restless and would jump the 6-foot fence that was supposed to keep him safe in his yard. Each time Bones broke free, Tracy's friend would let her know, and Bill and her friend would go in search of the dog. They always found him wandering through town or a few blocks away from his new home. Tracy's friend even added a few feet more of fence, but that did not keep Bones in.

One day, Tracy got a message on her phone with a photo of Bones taken by her landlord. It was Bones sitting by her car! Both Tracy and Bill were amazed that Bones had managed to track her down. Tracy and her friend agreed that it was time for Bones to come back and live with her for good.

Soon after their reunion, Bones was in need of Tracy's loving care again. He developed a limp in his hind leg, which was caused by a spinal injury from his giant leaps over the fence.

Veterinarians recommended euthanizing Bones, but Tracy refused. She made sure that Bones received the care he needed to recover. He got rehabilitation therapy and Tracy also walked him six times a day using a sling to help him stay off of his leg and to help with stability.

Today, Bone's is doing much better, and Tracy has no intention of ever letting Bones out of her sight again. "He was determined to stay with me," Tracy said. 


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and I still hear from time to time just how stupid animals are. The truth of the matter is that animals are a great deal more intelligent than anyone who would make a blanket statement claiming that animals are stupid.
"A loyal dog named Bones couldn't bare to live without his rescuer as, a year and a half after he had been placed with a new onwer, he repeatedly to search for her." bear. . . . he repeatedly jumped the fence to. . . had a dog with a spine injury once. vet recommend "benign neglect" meaning the supportive care Tracy is using. worked well.
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