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Hikers who rescued abandoned dog off of a Colorado mountain to be interviewed

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | September 14, 2012 | Comments (8)

Strangers unite to rescue abandoned dog from treacherous mountain

The wonderful group of hikers who had never met before, but united to rescue an abandoned dog on Beirstadt mountain in Colorado, will be interviewed on TV. There's a clip of the interview below and I will definitely try to post the full interview once it has aired, for everyone who is unable to see it on Ellen Degeneres' show on Monday, September 17.

If you haven't read about Missy's incredible rescue by a group of strangers off of a dangerous mountain in Colorado., please do. This is a wonderful story about a group of hikers, all with hearts of gold.

Strangers unite to rescue abandoned dog from treacherous mountain



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Comments on this Article

Thank you very very much !!
Thank you for all youve done . So many people just dont care about animals . So few do . Thank you again .
You guts are amazing for doing what you did. don't understand why the owner didn't do the same. I would of. God will make sure that Missy is with you cause that is where she belongs.........
Thanks guys!!! Going to set DVR now!!!
Ellentv.com says it will air on Monday, sept 17th.
@Denise Monday!
When will it air?
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