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Dog waits 13 days at site of car crash and finally reunites with her family

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | August 31, 2012 | Comments (16)

Dog waits 13 days at site of car crash and finally reunites with her family

After a terrible accident, the Kelley family thought their beloved Rottweiler, Ella, was dead. But Ella did survive, and the loyal dog's story of survival, love and patience is one that will be hard to forget. The touching reunion between Ella and her family was caught on camera. 


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Comments on this Article

Yes, due diligence is necessary before donating can occur. However, I recommend contacting Kathy in the video. These folks need all the help they can get. She can be the holder of the funds. There's also many foundations set up to help people and animals in dire need.
Is there any way to set up some type of fund to help the family recover financially? It's so sad to hear that they lost everything, including their home. I wish there was more I could do!
Hate the fact that they lost everything because of the health costs! Including the dog that needs them :(
I would really like to hear an update on Ella.
Thank you Kathy (forgive me if the name is misspelt) for caring for this dog doing extra to locate the family.
Amazing, inspiring and yet.............saddening that they have to be apart. Hope this has a happy ending for all involved soon. Please update..........and how amazing is that lady for holding onto the dog for them !!???
Put this dog back with the family she really loves. She survived a lot to be with them. That's a rotweiller, loyal to the end.
Liz, Car accident throws dog out of car.. family believes dog is dead. Family is ok, but many medical bills. Now living in smaller place, that NOT alllow dogs. Woman found dog, found family, will hold dog temporarily until family gets new place and can have dog again. Blessings to Cathy, the woman who found the doggy and her family! Thanks again to Cathy for taking care of the woof-woof until that family can get back to a normal home.
awww so sweet
Liz, the family and the dog were in a terrible accident, the dog was thrown from the car and wasn't noticed by the rescue workers. The woman on the video found the dog 13 days later, and found where the dog slept at night with all the personal items of it's owners that it could find and gather! She didn't realize at first that the dog hadn't been dumped, but after thinking about it and doing some investigation found the dogs owners. But because of the extensive medical bills the owners are now living in a place that does not accept dogs, so she is keeping the dog til they can afford a new home!
I am deaf.. but can anyone tell me more... because I see some of the comments that say they hope for permant reunion with the family? no closed caption on the video so I would like to know more if someone is willing to let me know more? Thank you so much. I apologize for the inconvience. Thank you.
oh I worry that she will be confused again why her family left her. I pray they visit her etc. Thanks to the woman who took the time to figure out her owner.
I hope there is an update on Ella's reunion back with the family when it happens!
This story made me cry. It is very touching how much our furry babies love us. I'm happy there are people out there that will take in stray animals and take care of them and take the extra effort to find out if they are really strays or if they are a missing member of someones family. This would be very devastating to any family that loves their furry baby. I'm very happy this story had happy ending!
Kathy Wilksmyers (sp?) thank you for going to all the extra effort of finding Ellas's family. God bless you for looking after the dog until her family can take her back. I hope the family is able to piece their life back together soon. That is an amazing dog
Ella proves the loyalty of dogs, no matter what! I hope her family will soon be able to permanently reunite with her. In the meantime, she is being cared for, and will surely be ecstatic when the time comes for their eventual reunion!
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