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Stray dog comes to the rescue of woman in car crash (VIDEO)

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | August 14, 2012 | Comments (44)

Hero was a stray when he came to the rescue of a woman in a car crash

Shannon Lorio crashed her car on a rural road in Georgia. Her life was in danger, but she received help from an unlikely hero. As she lay in her wrecked vehicle, a stray dog approached from out of the woods and came to her aid.

The dog kept her awake and pulled her out of the car, dragging her over 100 feet back to the road. She was able to flag down a passing car before she collapsed unconscious.

After saving Shannon's life in 2010, the stray dog was taken to the Humane Society where he was adopted by canine search and rescue trainer Heidy Drawdy. He was appropriately named Hero.

In the video below, Shannon recounts the events around her rescue by Hero that fateful day.

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Comments on this Article

I always think it's so funny that some people say dogs won't save strangers. They clearly do all the time. What an amazing boy. I'm not surprised that this woman is a good person, and has many dogs and children of her own. Dogs seem to do especially heroic things for good people, they can probably smell it on them. That's an amazing boy.
"Lorio can’t adopt the dog that she calls Hero because she has six dogs, two adopted children, and three children of her own, but because of the publicity, over 50 people have offered to take him." This is why she couldn't keep him, but I'm sure she visits him nonetheless :)
What a wonderful story. Dogs are smart I don't care what anyone says. This dog is a true hero. I am so glad that Hero is being trained for a search & rescue dog, I think its in him already. This woman was very lucky. I would love to hear how Hero is doing now. Thumbs Up to Hero!
Wow, amazing rescue from "HERO". Lord works in mysterious ways. God Bless all in this video.
She probably wanted to adopt him, but realized a dog with a great talent like this would have a better life working and utilizing that talent than just being a house pet.
I started crying before the video even started. I always get so emotional when it comes to dogs. Hero is a true hero and an angel and to whom ever left to him all alone...you should be ashamed but he saved a precious life. So thankful he is now safe and loved and he will continue to save lives and be a hero.
Resa, he's where he's supposed to be, doing what he was meant to do. Ungrateful? She doesn't look that way to me, and she knows Hero is in the best possible place.
You are such a wonderful dog, Hero. You deserve your name. And you are lucky too that you are saved now. Be good and take care.
At first I thought that this person should have adopted Hero in gratitude for saving her life. Then when watching and seeing how Hero was taken with his training you can see that he is on a mission, his mission to save lives. Beautiful story with a happy ending that so rarely happens.
this is beautiful wonderful dog , but what about that lady who was saved why couldnt she keep the dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ungreatful if u ask me
Great story; great outcome. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I needed a good, joyful cry today~!
OMG! Love this boy! Shannon...you are blessed. Hero..you found your calling!
Why didn't you not consider adopting him? He saved your life. On second thought, I guess he is better with trainer Heidy Drawdy.
Man, she must've done something right in her life to have an angel. Great dog, this Hero :)
So what's happened to Hero since this video was made. I was hoping there would be some follow up.
sounds like she wasn't wearing her seatbelt.
What a remarkable animal and what a lucky lady ,it brough tears to my eyes .Hero is the perfect name for this beautiful and gentle creature !
Tear jerker indeed.. 😭 Sometimes dogs are more caring and helpful than humans.. They give unconditional love to everyone.. You made me cry hero.. You're a true "Hero". 😘
I recently read a book that had a similar story I enjoyed the book and it pulled on my heart strings. Unlike the dog in this articular. The dog saved a lady who was lost in a freezing blizzard, The dog wouldn't her stop, she was throughly wet. He wouldn't allow her to rest until He got through his doggie door. I am so glad to read that Hero is able to find a home and being trained to what in a area he loves.
The gift which I am sending you is called a dog and is, in fact, the most precious and valuable possession of mankind. ~Theodorus Gaza~
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