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Man saves dog from intentional drowning

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | August 10, 2012 | Comments (31)

River was found in a creek a victim of animal abuse

A man is being hailed as a hero by his neighborhood after he rescued a small dog from drowning in a creek in Gilroy, California.

Hector Beltran was out fishing with his friend's kids in Christmas Hill Park when they heard a dog crying. They went to investigate and saw a small dog in Uvas creek, her head barely above the water. They were horrified to discover the dog had a rope tied to her hind legs and two bricks weighing her down. It's a sight Hectory said he will never forget.

Hector rescued River from being drowned

Hector immediately picked the dog out of the water and freed her from her cruel anchor. He took the dog to the veterinarian to be checked but no ID was found. He then filed a report with Gilroy police in the hopes they find the cruel person responsible.

Hector has named the little dog River. He told KBTS News, "I don't want her to go to the pound" so he plans to keep River with his family until he can find a good home for her. In the meantime, she has the company of his two dogs Silver and Lucy and her rescuer looking out for her.

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Comments on this Article

Way to go Hector! Poor little River......sickening to know people like her "owner" exist out there. If you have no one to adopt her, which I'm sure you've already received lots of offers, I'd be thrilled to invite her into my family to love and cherish if she doesn't mind becoming a Canadian dog. :) Bravo again, Karen
Good job Hector! You are not only a "hero" to the dog, but a "hero" to many kids you have unintentionally lead to do the "right thing." You have a gift. I am so proud to have met you yesterday.
I believe we have angels here on earth and Hector you are one of those angels. God bless you.
Hector,I am so glad you were at the right place at the right time. That dog is so precious! You are a wonderful guy! Thanks!
Hector is a hero in the truest sense of the word...rescuing any helpless being (human or animal). I feel blessed to know that true heroes still exist in this world. I hope that River's second chance at life brings a life of only wonderful things. I wish her the kind of life that my 2 doggies have! I would GLADLY adopt her!
And Hector, you ARE a hero. In every sense of the word.
God bless you, Hector! You are one awesome human!
Happy ending to a horror for this little dog. She looks like she has birthing nipples? did the vet say she recently had a littler? if so, I wonder if they are at the bottom of the river now. Shame shame on people and their cruelty. Thankfully Hector was out fishing that day.
Gosh, humans can be so hateful. So happy her angel was there to help her out. Watch your backs, those of you responsible: Karma is coming for you.
You really are a hero Hector!
Bless you, Hector. You have a wonderful caring heart. There's a saying that angels are among us and you must be one of them. It is difficult to fathom how people can be so cruel to defenseless animals who've done nothing but give love to them.
Hector u rock! Now let's find the sick people who did this.
So good to know there are good people still out there! Thank you Hector!
Hector, I know that River thinks you are a hero. I'm going to agree! God Bless You!!!
Thanks for saving River! I would love to adopt her!!
THANK YOU Hector. You are an ANGEL!!!!!!
A hero is someone who does something extraordinary. All this guy did was what any normal human being with a heart would have done. He happened to be in the right place at the right time. Only a heartless sociopath would have NOT done exactly what this guy did. Hooray for the guy being there. But I'm not willing to go as far as to call him a hero. Let's not cheapen the term.
Hector, simply thank you. I hope this pup stays with u. I kno this pup truly feels safe with you. You evn went to get the pup checked and everything. Many blessings to u and your family.
Thank you Hector, you are a hero. Thank God you were there. I live in RI and I will take her... Animal cruelty laws need to change. The person/persons who did this are low lifes and need to be punished. THANKS AGAIN HECTOR..
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