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Heroic mother dog rescues abandoned newborn baby

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | August 01, 2012 | Comments (6)

The mothering instinct in dogs can be so strong that there have been numerous cases of amazing dogs rescuing children in distress.

La China rescued an abandoned infantSuch was the case when an 8-year-old dog with a newborn litter of puppies, saved an abandoned baby in a shanty town in La Plata, Argentina in 2008.

When a 14-year old girl gave birth to a girl, she apparently panicked and abandoned the newborn in a field surrounded by rubbish and wooden boxes. 

Luckily, a dog named La China found the baby. La China gently picked up the baby girl and carry her 160 feet (50 metres) back to her kennel, where she placed the infant safely among her puppies.

The next morning, when she howled in response to the baby’s crying, La China’s guardian, Fabio Anze went to see what was the matter. The farmer found the baby covered with a rag among the puppies. He took the 8lb 13 oz baby to hospital. The infant was slightly bruised and had a few minor cuts but was otherwise all right. 

The teenage mother later came forward and claimed the baby, who hospital staff named Esperanza, meaning “Hope”. The young girl had been afraid of her parents’ possible reaction, but ended up receiving help from welfare agencies to help her raise the baby while continuing her high school studies.

La China became an instant celebrity and was given awards and accolades for her heroic action. The attention from all the people initially distressed the shy mother dog, but eventually she was left in peace to tend to her puppies.

La China was given an award for her heroics


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Comments on this Article

What an amazing dog, thankyou La China x
No wonder I think I like animals better than humans. Isn't she amazing. I love this story.
This is such a feel good story. Three cheers for the Canine population and a boo and a hiss for the Human population.
What a wonderful, up-lifting story ... I have often said that humans should treat their babies like the animal world does... So happy its a happy ending for everyone. God Bless
What a sweet Mamma doggie, I hope authorities watched to make sure the baby was in safe hands afterwards.
um.... 8lb 13oz??? by NO stretch is that a "premature" baby! i remember this story when it first came out - what a sweet, sweet dog and i'm so happy that ppl finally wised up and left her alone.
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