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Loyal pit bull saves mother and child from home invader

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | July 20, 2012 | Comments (27)

Ruger and the family he protected from a home invader. © Andy Lavalley, Sun-Times Media
Ruger the pitbull protected his family from a home invader. © Andy Lavalley, Sun-Times Media

A three-year-old Pit bull named Ruger saved his family from a violent intruder in Valparasio, Illinois on Wednesday. Twenty-year-old Jayne Casteel said Ruger protected her and her son after a stranger forced his way into her apartment.

Jayne said she woke to change her son's diaper around 3 a.m. when she heard a knock at the front door. Peering through the peephole, she saw a man she recognized from a few weeks ago, who had stopped by her apartment looking for someone who did not live there.

Ruger outside  his home. Photo by Andy Lavalley, Sun-Times MediaJayne cracked open the door with the chain still in place, and asked what the man wanted. He told her his car had broken down and he needed to use her phone. When she told him her phone was out of order, he replied "Oh really?" and kicked through her screen door door and punched through the front door, breaking the chain.

Jayne screamed as the man knocked her to the ground. She had gone to the front door with her three dogs and her son and when she fell, Ruger immediately came to her defense and clamped down on the man's arm. Jayne told the Chicago Post Tribune the man "barely got in the house" before Ruger dragged the man back out of the house by the arm.

By this time, Jayne's fiance Nathan Asbridge and a friend who is living with them, heard her and her son's screams and followed the man out of the apartment and began punching the stranger and his accomplice who had been waiting outside. Ruger also bit the intruder a second time on the leg. The two suspects soon ran off.

After the encounter, Jayne explained Ruger is usually very gentle and "a big baby". She believes Ruger lept to the family's defense because her toddler began crying after she was pushed. She added they had trained hiim to be protective of her son when he was just a baby. "I'm so proud of him," Jayne said of Ruger.

Valparaiso police are now hunting for the suspects. They found blood, two shoes and a glove at the scene which may help in locating the criminals. Jayne described the man as white, average height and around 200 pounds, wearing dark-colored basketball shorts without a shirt.

Ruger the pitbull protected his family from a home invader. © Andy Lavalley, Sun-Times Media

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Comments on this Article

Yaaaaayyyy ruger
Amazing dog! God bless you, Ruger! :)
A hero dog. I hope you have a long and happy life with your human family.
Regardless of the situation with Pitbulls. I also think they are beautiful dogs. Sadly some people use them for the wrong reason (ring fighting etc)..... that horrifies me. But this news makes me glad to know that Ruger protected you and your family. I do believe that pitbulls should be careful and not bite for the sake of reputations among pitbulls. (media fault of course and the stupidness of some people that participate in ring fighting etc... or abuse animals beautiful like Ruger.... which is not right).... but... I am glad no one hurt Ruger for biting the guy who wanted to hurt you and your family. I am thankful for that... beautiful dog you have!!!!
What beaul green eyes! I must say this is a gentle and loving dog breed, not a mean beast! Stupid owners make their breed mean. Glad you and your family are safe, too.
Dank je wel Ruger.......ik ben trots op je !!!!
Kelly, I understand your support of this family and dog but with the same logic that the pitts are not bad it is just the owners and trainers, breeders .. does not the same logic apply to guns? guns dont kill people, the owners of guns kill people. I think his name is fantastic. !! Good job Ruger. !!
Ruger is an Awesome dog.. I also like the fact that like police dogs he bit the inturders Arm and Leg and no where else....My brother has a female Pitbull named Ki shes so sweet and smart he has taught her so many tricks she knows how to shut doors and turn off lights and crawl across the floor are some of the things she is able of doing and I know she would protect my brother with her life
thank u ruger! my heart has swelled, u r a hero!
Way to go Ruger!!! And you are a handsome dude too!!!
I am very happy to see this pitbull portrayed in a positive way. They truly are special dogs. I am also very glad that you don't live in an area where they would have taken Ruger and killed him within 24 hours for what he did, as they do in Montreal, Canada, and even in some areas of the U.S.A. believe it or not. They are trying to pass a new law in Montreal, even after the huge uproar that has been caused by the murder of Wicca for no reason, for automatic euthanasia, within 24 hours, if your dog has ANY reports against him, for anything, any type of dog (of course they mostly target pits) You may have a little more than 24 hours here in the U.S. but you would be out thousands of dollars trying to save your pet, who just saved you, from death, just because of his breed. We just had a case here in Arizona where a lady claimed that her neighbors pitbull killed her chihuahua, even though there was evidence he did not, that a coyote did it, a local wannabe judge, put the pitbull, Tony, to death for it. Please everyone join in to ACTIVELY fight Breed specific Legislation and horrible legislators that don't allow a citizen to defend their dog.
let's hope the 2 crooks don't turn around & report ruger as a vicious animal!!! (note: i was being SARCASTIC!!!) thank you, ruger, for being a welcome bit of good news for your breed!!! let's use common sense and not just ignorance and fear in evaluating the character of individual dogs, just as we'd expect for ourselves. far too many pits or suspected pits have lost their lives lately in a rush to condemn the breed. i think there are far more dogs like ruger who are kind, loving, and protective, and know a bad apple when they see one!
great dog!!!!!! these dogs have a bad rep, its not the breed, its how their trained!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a good dog! I am a single mom also and I sleep in comfort knowing that my Sasha stays on alert constantly. Since my son was born (joined the 'pack') Sasha has become even more diligent. She naturally realizes that there is a 'puppy' to protect, we also recently adopted a kitten that I had fostered. She is so gentle with both son and kitten,...go pitties!!
Well done Ruger - please train your family never to open their door to strangers LOL
Great dog! but why the hell would you answer your door at 3am to a stranger?
That is a brave good dog!. Dont we love pitties for being such brave boys. The only people who doesnt love them are the people with criminal hearts or dishonest hearts. Because they know those pitties can understand them. Oh.. I love this good boy.!
I love this breed. My bf and I went to a vender that sold shaved ice and of course we always take our pitty Lucas with us. I was inline waiting to order and my bf sat in the of the truck with Lucas to play with him. A car pulls up to order and blocks Lucas view of me and he saw 2 men standing behind me. Well my bf said that Lucas was was just staring my way with his ears at attention looking for me until i returned to the truck. They are the best breed to have very protective and loyal. If you love and take care of your pitty and they will love and protect you in return. Good job Ruger.
Good dog! Those criminals were lucky to get away! In my house they would have been greeted by a Ruger too but I doubt they'd live to tell about it. Dog security is much more friendly than my current system!
Good job Ruger!!! Thank goodness your family is safe. One more reason as to why Pitbulls are great pets. I have a Pibull terrier mix but all the same she is awesome. I would not trade her breed in for another ever. As a matter of fact when old age gets the best of her I will be getting another Pitbull, because they are awesome and gentle when they have the right families.
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