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No Kill Shelter exposed as allegedly lying and killing dogs - PART 2

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | July 19, 2012 | Comments (8)

"Lucky Dogs" put down by no kill shelter

Update: July 21, 2012

Randy Travis, the Fox5 reporter who broke the story on Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter, has heard from the shelter's board of directors and stated: "Boggs Mountain Board has suspended Lowanda Peanut Kilby indefinitely with pay while a five-person panel Investigates what we earlier reported. The shelter will remain closed and the Lucky Dog program suspended. They promise that the animals currently there are being cared for."

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agents went to the facility on Thursday to examine records. The district attorney also visited the shelter. "This is a very emotional moment for a lot of people," said Rabun County Sheriff Frank Andrews. "I just ask that people be patient and let this investigation take its course and then once everything's in place, we'll know exactly what's going to happen."

The board of directors held an emergency meeting on Friday and issued the following press release:

"The all-volunteer board of directors of Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter, Inc. is surprised and deeply concerned about the recent allegations of wrong-doing concerning our Lucky Dog/Lucky Kitty program. Our board met Friday afternoon and is taking the following steps:

  • Board will cooperate fully with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • Appointed a 5 person subcommittee composed of 3 board members and 2 independent members to do our own investigation
  • Placed our Shelter Director on indefinite paid administrative leave
  • Shelter will be closed until investigation is completed
  • Shelter staff with the help of volunteers will insure the 24/7 care of the animals currently in the shelter
  • Lucky Dog/Lucky Kitty Program is suspended immediately pending further review

The Lucky Dog/Lucky Kitty program represents only one part of our shelter’s programming. The remaining portions of our programming have saved the lives of over 12,000 animals in our eight-year history.

It is the board's desire to share with all of our past and future supporters that our overriding mission is to save as many of ‘our four legged friends’ as possible. All of our programs are in place to meet this mission.


Board of Directors, Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter, Inc."



See Part 1 of the 'Lucky Dog' investigation.

How could a shelter that calls itself no kill, kill so many healthy animals? Fox5 I-Team went undercover and investigated Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter in north Georgia and learned that pet guardians who dropped dogs off at the shelter were lead to believe the pets would find a new home. 

Deceived donors were told the dogs would be guaranteed not to be put down. Instead they would be more adoptable for someone else as the adoption fee would be paid up front. The guardians paid the fee, left the dogs in the shelter's care and later received emails from Boggs Mountain informing them their dogs were adopted, when in fact the animals had been euthanized.  

The shelter is now under criminal investigation.



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Comments on this Article

"Appointed a 5 person subcommittee composed of 3 board members and 2 independent members to do our own investigation Placed our Shelter Director on indefinite paid administrative leave"

this is a little like the fox guarding the henhouse don't you think? you cannot tell me that the people of the board/committee did not already know what was going on. THEY DEFINITELY KNEW. keeping dogs alive got in the way of keeping enough of the money they were stealing from people.

"It is the board's desire to share with all of our past and future supporters . . ."

read the above as, "we still want and need you to send us more money, we haven't made our million out of this yet".
Despicable and Infuriating!!!! Really??? Suspended WITH PAY??? Are you freakin' kidding me??? How about the courts confiscate her salary instead to make this absolute filth of an excuse for a human being pay back every cent for the money she obviously pocketed for each and every baby she charged $100 - $150 for? Because you know she certainly didn't put it on the books for the shelter! She should be forced into a dog crate for the remainder of her sentence and left in a hot car with the windows rolled up with a sign that says, "Lucky Lady" attached.
What SHOULD be done to them and what WILL be done to them is world's apart. Who can we trust in this greedy world anymore?
Despicable! So heartbreaking... this Director should be prosecuted!
HORRIBLE! and what's with the annoying video that makes all that noise and stops us from commenting. Hacker? trying to stop us from making our comments? They should at least be arrested and convicted of FRAUD!
so sad that greed took the life of so many pets that could have been someones forever friend .I hope the law see's this and the guilty go to jai
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