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Tortured dog recovering, $35,000 reward offered

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | July 13, 2012 | Comments (18)

Hope was victim to torture at the hands of cruel person

A dog named Hope is proving an inspiration to those caring for her and to animal lovers around the world. The dog is showing remarkable strength and trust just three days after she was found suffering from horrific injuries at the hands of an unknown torturer.

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Hope was rescued on Monday in Weatherford, Texas by Melanie Labrake, who saw the pug-mix breed wandering in a remote country road. The small dog had electrical tape sealing her mouth shut. Her tongue was protruding but was grotesquely swollen from being exposed more than 24 hours. She also had several deep cuts to her body.

At first, Melanie didn't immediately recognize what she was seeing. "It was horrific. Her mouth was so gross it was awful. She walked by me and she just looked up at me like 'help me' and I thought, 'I don’t even know what’s wrong with you,' but that’s her tongue."

Hope was found with wire around her snoutShe immediately called for help and members from the sherrif's department, animal control and residents spent several hours trying locate and rescue the distressed dog. When they got a hold of her, they were all shocked by her condition. 

"Our investigators have seen some pretty terrible things in their careers, but this case is deeply disturbing and leaves us shocked," said Larry Fowler, Parker County Sheriff.

Hope was rushed to a veterinary hospital where she received over 100 stiches and had 'round the clock care for the past few days. She's had a remarkable recovery since then. She's now able to drink water on her own and can even chew on hard kibble. At first, vets thought they might have to remove part of her tongue, but she will only lose a small tip. Vets are relieved and say she will recover fully. 

"Her tail has not stopped wagging," said Rhonda Sears, a veterinary technician at the Bowie Drive Animal Hospital in Weatherford, who is taking care of Hope. "She's got a happy tail and a happy heart."

Hope, she says, is a sweet and trusting dog and must have known love at one time. "She will come up to you, waving her tail and give you a kiss despite what's been done to her," she said. "She is truly inspirational and she amazes us each day."

Both the veterinarian hospital and sherrif's office have received calls from dog lovers all over the United States and from other countries asking how they can help. Many have donated funds for Hope's care and towards the reward to help find the cruel person responsible. Others have offered to adopt Hope.

"People are calling from England and Canada and New York wanting to donate to the reward fund or adopt the dog," Rhonda said. "It's crazy. ... The good is outshining the bad on this. This is a tragic event but people are stepping up. It's just amazing the goodness that's out there."

Hope has a long list of adopters

The search is underway for the person responsible. Sheriff's officials are offering a $10,000 reward, and an additional $25,000 is being offered through the Texas Humane Alliance for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

"This story has touched the lives and hearts of so many people across the globe," said Sheriff Fowler. Police are looking for any information. "No matter how minor or insignificant the information may seem – we are seeking her owners, the suspects or Hope's background and history," he said.

Rhonda plans to foster the dog for now, before a local rescue is selected to help sort through the long list of adopters wanting to help Hope. 

"She was somebody's trash on Sunday and she's everybody's treasure today," Rhona said. "Her story is not over. This is just a short chapter. She's going to have a happy ending."

To contact the Parker County Crime Stoppers hotline, call 817-599-5555.

Update:  According to Sheriff Fowler, Charlie and Kit Moncrief have adopted Hope. She will go home with the couple once she is released by her veterinarian.

"I have known the Moncrief family for many, many years," Sheriff Fowler said. "I can’t think of a better family for Hope to belong to. She will think she is in heaven at her new home with her new family."


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Comments on this Article

I don't know why I am continually shocked at the horrific things people do to animals and children. I pray to God they catch this evil person(s) and do everything possible to punish them severely. We are not allowed to punish by doing the same thing to them but I hope the punishment fits the crime. (probably not) :0(
I'm just super glad this sweet doggie has a good life now.
The horrid people that did this have to be found or else they could be doing this to another animal or person. Lord give us strength.
Please please when u find the bastard or bastards that hurt this poor animal let me at them for 15 minutes.....that's all i will need to beat the living f**k out of them for what they did....jail is too good for these pieces of shit...
I hope they find the bastard and may that person pay for what they did. Anyone that harms and animal will harm a child. There is no reason to be so cruel to this poor gentle creature. Did his person dream this up and when the tongue was done did they then proceed to cut and torture her. Only God knows what went on in this person's mind.
I think that nothing should stand in the way of the perpetrator being found. If I could find the person (s) that did this, I would definitely see how they liked having their mouth taped shut with their tongue hanging out, cut in several places, but definitely kept away from where anyone could help them. Evil needs to be dealt with by strong measures as it is the only language they understand. No animal deserved to be abused, neglected, abandoned, put in shelters, raised in puppy or kitten mills. They have more right to live than humans, and since God created them before humans, they are special in his sight and we must take a stand against the inhumane actions toward all animals. I think God that Hope will have a chance at a love filled life. May God have pity on the soul of the person (s) that did this to Hope, as I have no pity for them.
Many blessings to the Moncrief family. Hope just got her dream come true.
I am so happy that Hope found a home. I hope they find the heartless person who did this.
Whoever did this to Hope, must be found and treated exactly the same. Judges in Courts of Law must learn to treat Animal Abusers the same as Child Molesters and hand down long and sever punishment for these psychopath scum bags..
I am in shock¡¡ I can`t believe it¡¡¡
Find the person who owned the dog. The person who tortured the dog lived close to the owner (probably a woman who is poor) and was getting back at her. She is too frightened of the torturer to come forward to claim her dog. The torturer is a serial abuser and very angry. He gets off by hurting others and having others be frightened of him.
Fri July 13 '12 I am glad this baby is recovering !!!!! The "s o b" that did this is probably bragging about it. Hopefully (NOT INTENDED AS A PLAY ON WORDS/PUN) someone the "s o b" knows will rat him out... There is that reward... It may even be someone who helped... I think 2 people would be necessary to do the taping??? Vancouver BC Canada
Senseless for someone to do something like that. I'm glad Hope is recovering. Animal abuse, tortoure is inexcusable.
Please excuse my language, but the sick bastard that did that to this poor sweet dog needs an excruciating form of punishment. Whoever it was intentionally inflicted severe pain and agony on this animal as a means of amusing themselves and the State of Texas needs to find a way to reciprocate and see if they can keep this excrement laughing all the way to prison for animal abuse. Please don't let them get away with it. A child could be next.
good on you M.L.Smith go get em for the rest of us too far away x x x God bless Hope Thank God you have been found and rescued x
I am approx 48hrs drive away. You identify the scum and leave the rest to someone who cares. Duct tape and switches come to mind.
When you took the tape off. I hope gloves and scissors was involved. The police can lift fingerprints off of the tape.
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