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German Shepherd puppy saves pregnant woman from violent assault

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | July 01, 2012 | Comments (4)

A pregnant woman who was attacked by a man hiding in her garage, was saved by her German Shepherd puppy who came to her defense and drove the attacker off.

created on: 2012-07-01Sarah Day was home alone with her 10-month old, while her husband, Colten Day and their 5-year-old child went out for dinner on Friday night in the College Area of San Diego.

Her Australian Shepherd was in the garage and began howling, so the 26-year-old went out to investigate and let her dog into the house. That's when Day was struck from behind to the back of her head with a metal object. The attacker had gotten into the garage and was lurking behind a boat. 

pregnant woman rescued by puppy from attackerThe man began to assault her, punching her in the face and kicking her repeatedly. She fell to the ground and rolled into a fetal position to protect her unborn baby. Hearing her screams, Day's other dog - a German Shepherd puppy - chased off the suspect.

"I was screaming and my dog Sitka came out and started barking at him and he (the suspect) grabbed me in the face and called me a slut and a whore, and then he slammed my head down and said I was lucky and that he'd be back."

A neighbor who also heard her screaming for help, came to her assistance and called police.

Day was taken to a hospital and suffered a chipped rib and a minor concussion. She will be getting an ultrasound on Monday to ensure her baby is doing all right.

Day saved by her dog who scared off attackerDay suspects the attack may not have been a random robbery. She said she had been receiving threatening text messages for several days before the attack, directly after she had posted an ad to Craigslist. She had been trying to find some kittens she had rescued a home and had listed her cell number. Soon after, she started receiving menacing texts, which indicated someone had been watching her and her family.

Her husband, a Marine, said, "I'm gonna lose a lot of sleep. My dogs will never be locked up. It's better off I don't ever find him. He had better be hoping and praying that there's nothing wrong with this baby."

Police are asking anyone with any details to contact Crimestoppers.


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Comments on this Article

Good for the dog, what a world though when pregnant women are not safe in their own homes.
you would think they would of taken her to the hospital justto check her out.knowing she was pregnant wouldnt you.
If she ended up in the hospital she would of had an ultrasound there. Not understanding why she had to wait until Monday.
i am so glad she is ok hope that the baby is. what a brave dog he could of turned on the dog to i am glad they r all well.
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