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Heroic Labrador Retriever saves toddler from drowning

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | June 25, 2012 | Comments (1)

Labrador retriever saves baby from drowning
Mother Patricia Drauch said family dog Bear saved her 14-month-old son Stanley Drauch. (June 25, 2012)


Labrador saves baby from drowningA 14 month old Cass County boy was saved from drowning over the weekend by the family dog. Patricia Drauch went to get something from her garage, thinking her 14-month-old son, Stanley was right behind her. She looked behind her and he had gone, so she immediately went to the yard where she saw her son unconscious in the swimming pool.


Labrador saves baby from drowningThe toddler appeared blue, but he was face-up in the pool, his head out of the water thanks to her Labrador Retriever named Bear. Her dog was underneath Stanley, propping the boy up on his back so that he was out of the water. Patricia grabbed her son out of the water and finding him unconscious tried calling 911, but was unable to get cell-phone service. She raced to her car, carrying Stanley and began driving to the nearest fire department for help. While on the way, she was able to reach 911 and Stanley awoke.

Labrador saves baby from drowningMarcellus Fire and Ambulance staff examined Stanley and found him in good shape. He was then taken to hospital by his parents and has since been released. Patricia is convinced Bear saved her son's life. 





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Good dog! Of course the baby will be lucky it does not develop pneumonia or some other respiratory infection given the condition of that pool. Hopefully he was prescribed some strong antibiotics. That pool should have been drained a long time ago.
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