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Abandoned newborn baby rescued by farm dog

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | June 06, 2012 | Comments (6)

Abandoned baby in Ghana saved by dogA farm dog was found cuddling an abandoned newborn baby, under a bridge, in the town of Winkongo in Ghana over the weekend.

When her dog had not returned at night, her worried owner lead a rigorous search for the missing dog. The owner found her dog close to her farm lying by a two-week old baby's side, sheltering the newborn infant from harm.

Madam Rosemary Azure, Talensi-Nabdam District Director of Health, told the Ghana News Agency the baby had been abandoned for unknown reasons, although it is suspected the mother is a teenager.

The baby was taken in by the local health directorate for care. The baby's umbilical cord had been cut improperly and was infected, but has received medical care and been given vaccinations. 

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Comments on this Article

WOW its just amazing, i love dogs so much, they have so much heart love to give!!! x
you kw everytime something happen to happen to a baby they wanna blame it on a teenager well i kw alot of teens who take care of there kids hell im 20 with two kids my lil sis is 20 with 3 i mean look anyone can do a baby wrong
Um, this is in Ghana so there probably wasn't so many places for someone to leave a baby. I hope the baby found a home and didn't end up in some orphanage.
that's awful that some1 could leave the baby like that but it's awesome that the dog found it & knowing that it's owners would come look 4 it
Thank God for the wonderfulness their is of dogs!
Awww, so wonderful the dog found the baby. Can't believe there are such people out there, thinking only of themselves. There are so many places the mother could have taken her newborn...:0(
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