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Paralyzed rescue dog gets second chance traveling from Iran to United States

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | May 27, 2012 | Comments (3)

Omid, rescued from Iran, getting around in his wheelchair

A paralyzed dog left to die on a street in Tehran, Iran, has been brought to the United States for a second chance at life. The stray dog named Omid (which means "Faith" or "Hope" in Persian) is believed to be 4 years old.

Omid when he was brought into VAFA shelter in Iran

He was found lying on the side of the road, likely hit by a car. A concerned couple took him in for a few days and visited a veterinarian who determined the dog would never walk again. The couple then brought Omid to VAFA, one of Iran's only dog rescue shelters. "If we didn't rescue this dog, he'd be dead," said Sheyda Ardalan, one of VAFA's volunteers. 

The care workers knew he would have special needs they could not serve, and his odds for survival would be much better if he could find a home abroad. So, they put out a request for help, worked with VAFA volunteers in the US and partnered with Street Dogs International. 

Omid with his foster dad

After searching for a traveler who would be willing to bring Omid to the US, they found Neda Biyabani, who had seen Omid's photo on Facebook. She flew back with Omid to Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC in April. "Right when he met people at the airport ... he loved people, wanted to be petted," said Neda. 

He was greeted by volunteers from VAFA and Sara Trab Nielson and Michael Bailey of Street Dogs International, who have since been working diligently on trying to find Omid a permanent home. 

A wheelchair was generously donated to Omid so that he can get around more easily and he has been receiving physical therapy. Omid is currently fostered by a couple in Washington DC, Banafshe Alavi-Alipour and Babak Alipour, who hope to adopt him.  

Montage of Omid, a paralyzed dog rescued from iran



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Praise God! So nice to hear stories like this!
That is just wonderful,I would take a disabled dog any day I think its just wonderful with help of wheels they can get about.What wonderful people and Omid is just fantastic and loveable..
well done..may god bless them .
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