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    How to Help Dogs with Thunderstorm Anxiety (Storm Phobia)

    If your dog is anxious during a thunderstorm, he/she is likely suffering from storm phobia. Dogs with thunder anxiety will often display unwanted and destructive behaviors during a storm, and in serious cases, dogs can harm themselves. This article will provide tips for reducing thunderstorm anxiety in dogs. These tips can also apply to dogs […] More

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    8 Pro Tips for Taking Awesome Photos of Dogs

    Teaming up with dog photographer Anne Geier, COOPH presents eight fun and easy tips that will help you shoot stunning photos of your best friend. She shares how to capture details in motion, lower the perspective, and get the perfect smile from your furry subjects. Find a dog, get shooting and share the amazing results […] More

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    How To Make A Fancy Dog Bed Out Of An Old Table

    Repurposing old furniture is a great way to save money and help the environment. That’s why we love this DIY project that shows how to take an old end-table and transform it into a posh 4-poster dog bed! First you flip the table upside down. Then with some sanding, cutting and spray painting you will […] More

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    How to Identify Calming Signals in Dogs

    Calming signals are very important for dogs and how they use them with each other and with humans. In this video,Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas shows how to identify a few of these signals so that you can “talk” better with your dog and better understand what they are trying to communicate to others. Rugaas is […] More

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    How to Easily Remove Pesky Burrs from Dog Fur

    Burrs. They get entangled in dog fur very easily and can become really difficult to remove, especially if you have active dogs or dogs with long fur. They can also be difficult to brush out because they break down and you can cause your dog discomfort or pain pulling on their hair. It’s really important […] More

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    What to Do If Your Dog Gets Skunked

    It’s something every pet parent dreads. Their dog getting skunked. The pungent musk can stick on your dog for weeks, months and even up to a year, if it’s not dealt with quickly. And contrary to urban legend, tomato juice is not the remedy for removing skunk smell. It actually doesn’t work. The acidity in […] More

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    Protecting Your Dog from Coyotes

    Coyotes are a common wildlife species throughout North America. The coyote (Canis latrans) is a member of the dog family and has adapted well our urban landscapes and appears to be equally comfortable living in city suburbs as they do out in the wilderness. As coyotes are becoming an increasingly common urban predator, attacks on […] More

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    How to Massage Your Dog

    Everyone knows how therapeutic massage is for your body. It helps blood circulate and relieve muscle tension, stiffness and soreness. But not everyone knows how good it is for dogs too! Massage can help relax a nervous dog and it can help relieve joint stiffness and muscle pain in active dogs, aging dogs and dogs […] More

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    Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) and How it Can Kill Your Dogs

    During warm temperatures and hot weather months, blue-green algae blooms can suddenly grow in freshwater lakes, rivers, or waterways. It is sometimes found in saltwater near river mouths. Avoiding areas contaminated with blue-green algae is extremely important, as contact with toxic blooms can potentially be fatal for dogs and people. About blue-green algae Blue-green algae, […] More

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    How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth and Prevent Periodontal Disease

    Just like people, dogs need their teeth brushed regularly to maintain their overall health. If a dog’s teeth are not kept clean, he/she can develop many medical complications that can lead to disease that can be life threatening. As periodontal disease affects 85% of dogs over four years old, brushing your dog’s teeth should be […] More

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