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About Cataracts

Description: I hope this group will attract those interested in finding the inheritance pattern for cataracts. Some breeds like the French Bulldogs and the Australian Shepherds have discovered the gene that causes cataracts but it has not been found in the Havanese.
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Nitro's quest for clear vision

Nitro is an 11 month old husky puppy who is quickly loosing his vision due to genetic juvenile cataracts. He is quite the handful but we don't want him any other way. We are reaching out hoping to find the support of others who love their dogs just as much as the children they created. At such a young age it's breaking our hearts to see him in this condition. A month or so ago...
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Blind dogs are given new lease of life

Blind dogs are given new lease of life with eye-catching 'halo': Device allows pets to walk without hitting any walls or objects Device, dubbed 'Muffin's Halo', aimed at blind or visually impaired dogs Stops them from running into walls and furniture or falling down stairs Comprises lightweight copper wire and a padded wing-shaped harness  Available in original 'Halo', 'Butterfly Wings' and 'Quarterback' designs Silvie Bordeaux created product in 2012 after her old pet lost his...
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Dry Eye Auto Immune Disorder

Hello, I would like to share with everyone what I use to treat my precious dog who has an auto immune disorder in her left eye that causes it to be constantly dry, irritated, and uncomfortable for her. She is a 3lb Yorkie, 5 years old... And I have had to treat her eye a minimum of 2 to 3 times a day for the past 5 years. If it wasn't for my constant lubrication...
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Lil Bella fighting going blind!

Bella, a tiny lil Shiba Inu girl, only 8 years old has lost the sight in her left eye, and is losing the sight in her right. A Foster Shiba in San Jose, funds are being raised to help Bella regain her sight in her right eye, but the left eye is too far gone. Sadly, she also has a defect in her eye that makes glaucoma very likely unless she undergoes a second procedure...
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1.5 year old Puppy going Blind - Chaps Against Cataracts

Hi Friends, Meet my 1.5 year old puppy named Chaps. He has cataracts in both eyes which are progressing extremely fast. His surgery is estimated to cost $6,000 and we are in need of some help! He will go blind in the next few months if he doesn't have this surgery. It breaks my heart to see such a vibrant family member going through such a hard time. Please help share his story! You can...
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Recently Asked Questions

Dogs obsessing over their shadow

A lot of dogs when they are young have a fleeting curiosity with their shadow, but there are some dogs that develop an obsession that can be debilitating for both dog and guardian. Some have suggested that this is because of a lack of both physical and mental stimuli. The solutions range from walking and playing with your dog more, to in the more extreme cases, goggles. I was thinking that because dogs are nocturnal...
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Canine glaucoma?

We are struggling to pay for care for our beloved dog spikes, and I just wondered if anyone else had a pet who had to battle this horrible disease.
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dry eye/curly coat

My puppy is affected with CCDE Curly coat/dry eye. Is there anybody who has experience of this with their cavalier?
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I have been breeding  Havanese for about ten years now and...


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