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Letter from Rosie

Image_thumb By Leslie Risling | March 30, 2014 | Comments (5)



If I could make one wish come true, it would be to show you how happy I am. My legs don't hurt anymore .. there are no stairs .. my eyes are clear .. with no more tears. There are green meadows lined with beautiful flowers .. the birds are singing and there are soooo many puppies.

Mommy .. you should see all the puppies! They came running up to me .. greetings with wet sloppy kisses. I met Sparky and Mandy and Grammy is here too. Mommy .. you should see "The Bridge" !.. It's huge .. with rainbows on each side and a stream running through. Tell Auntie Vicky that I am here with Uncle Warren and Corky. They are so happy to see me.

Mommy .. please stop crying. I can't bear to see you so sad. I loved my life with you and Daddy and Sister too, but it was my time to go so it's not so bad.

Mommy .. I listened to everything you said. Remember at night before you went to sleep? You told me I was to let you know when it was "Time" I could not keep. I want to thank you for listening, for whispering my sweet name, for telling  me to go, to ease my pain. I loved you with everything I had .. There were wiggles and licks and snuggles galore. You let me smell the roses throughout our years .. so I hope you caught my glance during our last frontier.

Mommy .. please live on and don't worry about me .. my life on Earth was met with such glee. Just one more promise I want you to make - get on with your life, before it's too late! I will see you again, but it's way too soon. Just remember I loved you like "Over The Moon." It was "The Best of Times " you would always say, but my life had to change with your gift on that day.

Mommy .. please tell Homer Dog I miss him, he was my "Best Friend" and thank him for the patience he showed me to the end!

I will love you forever, Rosie 


Rosie, my beautiful black and white puppy passed away on December 17, 2013....She gave me 13 1/2 beautiful years and I miss her terribly every day!






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Comments on this Article

O. That was so cloying and sentimental. I love it to death. It reminds of a similar missive I wrote several years ago. "Dogs never die". Ernest Montague
Oops!...Sorry about spelling error, concealing is supposed to be counselling.......lol..
Thank you so much for viewing my posting. "Letter from Rosie" was a writing assignment I received during grief concealing. I wish I would of come across this web site a few months ago, I really thought something was wrong with me. I'm not a stranger to loss and grief,.. my younger brother passed away at 49, lost my mother to Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease, grandparents long since gone and lost friends well before their time, but losing Rosie was in a league of it's own. I just could not see my life without this precious little creature...many nights and days emotionally, mentally and physically spent....I would of bargained anything away to have her come back to me...writing this letter was exhausting and so painful...but In the end it helped me put things into perspective. I loved this little dog with everything I had and as painful and raw this experience has been, sharing 13 1/2 years with Rosie has taught me to be compassionate , considerate and patient towards all living beings.
Omg! That was beautiful, but so hard to finish, I have 3 Doxies, the 2 oldest, have saved me many times, and I believe if it were not for them, I would have thrown in the towel...I dont look forward to the end.
I've gone through this few times in my life and it is never easy. My last dog a Golden Retriever named Brandywine Girl ( Brandy ) died in my arms at the vet at the age of 14. She started to turn her nose up at her food and when she did eat she started to throw up. I took her to our vet and she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I took her home for a few days to give everyone in the family a chance to say goodbye before taking her to the vet one last time. Even though I knew I was showing her mercy from a terrible disease and I was doing the right thing, in the end it still felt like I had killed my child. When you bond with a dog and you love them like a child you will do everything you can to provide for them and keep them safe. So when it comes time to help them in the end it goes against everything that us dog lovers know as compassionate loving people. Like I said it's always hard. As rational adults we will grieve a little while and try to live our lives the best we can to honor the memory of those we have lost. In time we take that gift of all those beautiful memories and we share them with another as we learn to love again. I have dogs in my life again and I know that those that came before would be happy that I shared the love I learned with them. You have my heartfelt condolences for your loss of Rosie, Leslie.
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