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I am a volunteer for a local dog rescue!! I love ALL animals and although I have since...
Dog lover, animal activist, vegetarian, wife, mother, grandmother, lover of life, eternal optimist, organic gardener, occasional "diva", career...
Wife, mom, Pit Bull advocate, movie lover, scatterbrain. Blog: www.theLazyPitBull.com Facebook: www.Facebook.com/lazypitbull Twitter: www.Twitter.com/thelazypitbull
I'm an artist with a passion for dogs. Especially the bully breeds:)
Founder and President of Reba's Pibble Rescue, Advocate for Pitbull's of Ontario "SUPPORT HERSHEY'S BILL", over 30 years...
I have been a rescue dog owner/parent since 2001. Best thing ever in my life. I have two...
Naturopathic Doctor, Animal Activist, CEO of Not for Profit www.PearlsforPaws.org which raises money (100% is donated) for organizations...
Hi, I am an animal advocate and life long animal lover, who is currently owned and managed by...
Marea Hudoba
Hi! I have two wonderful dogs. A Chow Chow named Koda and a black Lab named Marty. They...

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