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Name: Sisters Gift Shop
Website: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CA1429.html
About Me: We support: SNAP Spay Neuter Action Project and Adoptable Pets SNAP’s Circle for Life provides HOPE for homeless animals today and ACTION that prevents homeless, neglected or abused pets in the future: 760-815-0945 snap.sandiego@gmail.com

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San Diego CA. Virus Gives Local Dogs "Ugly Death" nbcsandiego — Parvovirus is an infection that attacks dogs' intestings. Since May, shelters have been tracking a high number of cases in incoming San Diego strays
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Hi! Thanks for adding Janis, Joni and Larkin!! Did you know that you can list them as "Adoptable" and that they'll be added to a special list highlighted here? Just click "Adoptable" on the right-most column under "MY DOGS" above! And thank you for volunteering a fostering...you are awesome. :-)
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