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Why dogs are peeing in home.

Image_thumb By Sherry | February 02, 2013 | Answers (5)

I have 2 male Rotties that are fixed. They are 5 years of age. Recently they have started to pee in the house again. I feel that they are trying to mark their spot. Am I wrong. What can I do to stop it help.

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@Jax i have pit bull and she's allergic so let me tell u something: i have no idea how much u pay for purina but i pay 40 euros for 15 kilos and it last her a month. it's a 10 weekly- sorry but i don't think a 10/week is expensive! lets be serious! anyway, for any breed i would advice to at least try for that one month purina beta/dog chow (different names in different countries) sensitive or lamb & rice! my dog was in horrible condition when i adopted her. dandruff allover her, matt and scratching all the time to the point of hurting herself plus (!!!) she even got fungal infection at the places she was scratching the most at some pint. i wish i could afford acana or orijen but i can't so i needed to find something else that would work. PURINA is the great choice but not for a particular breed : try sensitive: it's with salmon or try lamb and rice. i'm 99% sure, your dog will be happiest ever when won't have to suffer from any rash. try it for a month PLEASE. i know it won't help with peeing problem but it will with lots of skin/allergy reactions (that royal canine didn't help us!!!!) good luck and let us know how it works for your precious baby :)
Sharon.. Did you by chance also have a problem with rashes.. I am currently using fred meyer brand dog food nutra nugget.. It has not been to bad in the past.. I switched to it because a friend who raised and rescued rottys used to use it. She showed her dogs.. And so does a friend who raises shepherds. Neither have a problem with the food. I switched away from purina mostly because of cost. I switch back and forth between them because they are decent foods and never had a problem with either until I got the shepherd I have now. The doc thinks it is was caused by the lake we used to let him swim in.. But two years later it is still going on. I cannot afford to pay much more. I just dont have 40 bucks a pop. suggestions of a great food at a lower price would be great. I want to get rid of this rash on my dog. I think it is this old house as well as the food. What do you or anyone else think? And what is GO dog food?
Thanks Sharon and Cynthia, I have separated them when I'm not home or with them and they have stopped, so I'm thinking one was trying to dominate the other. They are both males and brothers, plus a new female fog just moved in next door. Thanks again.
we had the same problem along with seizures with our lab/husky, it was the og food, switched her to GO, and shes fine now~highly recommend getting a good dog food, stay away from purina anything~too many bad reports and deaths and thats what our dog was eating at the time she was sick~
To Help out here a bit.. I would recommend taking them out right after eating and drinking ( immediately) and first thing as soon as they are awake.. And to get them back in the habit. Take them out every hour or half hour which ever is needed to get them back in the habit. They are most likely marking. But older dogs can learn good habits. Make sure to feed them at the same time every day if possible so their habits are bit more regular. Then do not give them water after 9 pm or for two hours before bed time unless they are kenneled at night. I would recommend taking the water up at night maybe it will help. Make sure they have adequate water when anyone is around to take them out as soon as they drink. I would put them on a leash and teach them words.. " Go pee" As soon as they start peeing.. Tell them " GOOD DOG" Praise them well. Also teach them " Go Poo" And again praise as soon as they start and when they come to you. pick up the poo as soon as they are finished so not to leave a scent or bring one in the house. If they are peeing in the same place all the time it could be a dominance problem. The same would apply. if one is younger than the other he or she may be trying to be dominant over the older one. Dogs do not try to dominate the dog ahead of them they usually go straight to the top as a wolf would. If you catch them red handed.. scold them.. NOT yell no hitting.. and put them on a leash and take them out right away dont wait.. Praise them when they go pee. So they learn the difference. I hope this helps.
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