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Animal Home

Be_the_person_thumb By Sesha | November 06, 2012 | Answers (2)


I have an inner most and deepest wish to open an Animal Home for animals, and to begin with, it will be for dogs. People can adopt, or turn in their dogs if they dont want them anymore ( yes there are people like that) and also, they can keep them here when they go for holidays etc.

My question is very basic, as I need to start somewhere. What will it cost me to open a shelter like this, and how do I maintain the same? What are the necessary things I will require to start this home?

P.S. - I had adopted a stray dog when I was 13, rather she adopted us, and stayed with us for 16 years before passing away very peacefully. It is she who made me grow into a loving, caring and kind person and all that I have learnt about feelings I have learnt from her, be it to love, care or even how to get upset :) The last 2 years have been a vaccum, and time and again I have thought about opening this Animal Home and dedicating it to her.

Do share your thoughts / experiences / answers.


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Thanks Trish, that has been very helpful.
Here's a good place to start your research. http://www.bestfriends.org/Resources/Resources-for-Rescuers/Help-for-Organizations/
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