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Name: Alan Scott
About Me: I`m half a century old, got three rescue dogs, Poppy a staffie/mastiff, Dexter a staffie/boxer and my latest is Jasmine a staffie/greyhound. I love bull terriers :) I`m currently persuading everyone i know to sign the e petition to prevent the British government murdering 70% of our badger population.

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The badger cull

I realise badgers are not canine`s but its a good cause, its animal welfare and they do have four legs and a long nose so they nearly count. The british goverment have sanctioned the mass murder of 70% of our badger population based on nothing but rumor. There is an e petition you can sign to prevent this if you come from the uk. its located at.  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38257 Fill it in, when you get the...
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Alan Scott


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