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Oana Sava, a heroine for street animals!

1011228_281628025360928_7649771514188590416_n_thumb By Alexandra Sava | August 01, 2016 | Comments (0)

Real people do not lose the love and compassion for animals in the passing years. Who would think that this little girl who played with a kitten would build a refuge for abandoned animals years later? This little girl in the picture is none other than Oana Sava, founder of the shelter for innocent souls "Sava's Safe Haven ".

created on: 2016-08-01

Since early childhood, Oana Sava expressed love for souls abandoned, injured and innocent. As a teenager she already had many dogs in her care, saving and caring for the puppies on the streets. She met Gabriel who was to be her husband, also a lover of animals. Without many resources, but without power to be indifferent, Oana was saving dogs from the street and filling her house with pets she had rescued. But never did she think that she could be mother, carer and protector to over 250 animals.

But it happened. And Sava's Safe Haven was created... Oana Sava proved that with only hope, belief and compassion all obstacles can be overcome. She has demonstrated that in Romania, we can build a shelter of animal welfare. With a team of animal lovers from abroad, hope and love, they built Sava's Safe Haven. Providing care to over 250 animals (dogs, cats, birds) she has never complained. She continues to save and find great families for a large number of animals who have crossed her doorstep.

Images of hundreds of dogs that are now in their own families because of her hard work make this lady stronger day by day! With great modesty and gratitude, you will find her daily here, at the Haven. We respect her dedication. This is Oana Sava.

And today she celebrates her birthday, in the place she most loves, in the shelter with her animals that are happy and safe thanks to Sava's Safe Haven! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

created on: 2016-08-01

created on: 2016-08-01


created on: 2016-08-01

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