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A young man from Romania, the angel for stray animals.

1011228_281628025360928_7649771514188590416_n_thumb By Alexandra Sava | June 19, 2015 | Comments (0)


created on: 2015-06-19

Adrian a young man from Romania who dedicated his life to animal rescue. He is student but he never lost a day from the shelter. He help at caring , cleaning and feeding the 250 dogs and cats from Sava's Safe Haven . 

He also does not stop at that. He works to repair, to create playgrounds for animals. His recently project was to make a more nice and comfy cattery for the stray cats rescued by Sava's Safe Haven. The results was amazing. The cats were very happy to try all the toys made handmade by Adrian.

"The cats from Sava's Safe Haven had the biggest surprise! Adrian Sava worked day and night to build and equip a small haven for the cats rescued from the street.

Today was the "Grand Opening"for the new cattery , our cats had met with their new toys , beds and bowls. They are happy and we are happy that we managed to do such a thing.

All these cats were rescued from the street here have found safety, care and love. "

What will be the new project for Adrian?

A wonderful puppy room, created on: 2015-06-19

It will be a paradise for youngsters from Sava's shelter. It will helps puppies to pass faster of the traumas experienced in the street.

Will be a place where they will play, socialize and will not feel like living in a shelter, maybe some of them will never find their families, so they must live in good conditions, we should make them to forget of the sinister memories lived in the street or other shelters.

Sometimes the shy dogs who can not pass over memories are the dogs that can not be adopted ever or stay in shelter for years, we should change it and offer them a new life from the early moments lived in our shelter.

Sava's Safe Haven a shelter built and run by a family that dedicated their life to animal rescue.

Oana Sava and her family are working day to night to ensure the dogs rescued from street that are now hosted in their shelter , a decent life. 


"A shelter is not just a temporary house for a dog. A shelter should represent the start of a new life, as a school is to a child the start in life.

A rescued dog may be shy, scared or aggressive , the rescuer must learn him to trust people , be gentle and loving . How else to learn 250 dogs , than to offer them care and love that every dog needs.  

We work around the clock to offer"our dogs a decent life, a chance for a better life. Here everyone knows what to do.We like to be organized and to maintain cleanliness in the shelter, even if sometimes it is difficult. 

We never liked to complain and we always showed the good side of our shelter because in other shelters the bad side is most visible. Therefore we think that we are different."

created on: 2014-12-30

Sava's Safe Haven is always looking to improve its facilities and standard of living for the dogs in its care, but they can only continue its vital work with the help rom animal lovers worldwide.


As its motto state, 'With love and care, rescued dogs can wag their tail again. This is our work, to change their lives.'

Sava's Safe Haven refuge is run by a non-profit organization its totally reliant upon private donations.

If you would like to make a donation or are interested in adopting a dog or becoming a fosterer please email info@savasafehaven.com or visit www.savasafehaven.com

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