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My Details

Name: Alexandra Sava
Profession: Volunteer , Webmaster , Activist to protect Animal Rights
About Me: My name is Alexandra Sava and I'm volunteer to a animal shelter in Romania. The shelter is called Sava's Safe Haven and was built by my family 2 years ago. It is a little haven for homeless animals. We have in our care over 230 dogs and other animals like birds , rabbits and cats. This shelter, is a small sanctuary for all animals in need . We have no funds from authorities or local company, we have support only from animal lovers from worldwide .

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Asociatia Sava's Safe Haven

Sava's Safe Haven non-govermental, non-profit Animal Welfare association was founded by Oana Sava since 2012, to end the suffering of dozens of animals from streets. On 05th November 2012 , thanks the friends and animal lovers from everywhere, we was able to to put basis of a refuge. A field full of weeds was purchased in order to build a shelter. In just one week after land acquisition, everything took shape, being able to save...
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Newest articles

Oana Sava, a heroine for street animals!

Real people do not lose the love and compassion for animals in the passing years. Who would think that this little girl who played with a kitten would build a refuge for abandoned animals years later? This little girl in the picture is none other than Oana Sava, founder of the shelter for innocent souls "Sava's Safe Haven ". Since early childhood, Oana Sava expressed love for souls abandoned, injured and innocent. As a teenager...
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A Romanian dog shelter has a own mobile app!

    Sava's Safe Haven is a refuge of Animal Welfare in Romania. Sava's Safe Haven was founded in 2012 by animal lover Oana Sava, who was determined to end the suffering of stray animals from the streets of Romania. Based in Galati, in the south-east region of the country, this family-run registered charity has built its own shelter where they care for over 230 dogs, as well as numerous cats and birds. In just...
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Alexandra Sava


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